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This was wicked errie but I loved every second of it! Cant wait for the full game!

I actually really enjoyed this game alot! Great animations, looks and sounds. playthrough starts at 16:26 awesome game!

This was a good one! I really liked it all the way up till the end. I believe I may have encountered a small hiccup but some items didnt appear. Great game other than that though!

One of the best indie horror games ive played in a while. Scared the dog mess out of me several times and I enjoyed every second of it! 

So I absolutely loved this game. Had some great scares and honestly made me uneasy at times. Well worth the play. Ill link my letsplay If you or anyone is interested. Small Island Woes is also apart of the letsplay so check that one out if you havent seen it! Thanks!


This was a pretty disturbing experience to say the least. My letsplay linked below if you want to check it out. Also contains Ghost Of Tomorrow if you havent seen that one. Very Good game for what it was though.