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id definitely be interested in a copy if you make one :) 

i love vampires and getting bitten by them yayyyy :D

ahh this is so cool :3 i was wondering if you have a plain text version of the poem (?) anywhere?

why..? i searched it and don't see any controversies or anything? he was in chainsaw man which is pretty cool though 

kinky cyberpunk games for the win

art style is super cool

aww this game is cute - i love the spambots :3

i keep randomly downloading cyberpunk games and they end up being sapphic nsfw visual novels so uhh that's a thing 

i definitely appreciated the choice to have they/them pronouns though being called enby (eg good enby rather than good girl) took me out of the game as it felt very unnatural to me

tried all routes and exits was definitely my favourite :3 concept is very cool as well - hoping that one day we can just switch apart our bodies like that

real talk - can i do a self love route if i put on a trait cosplay?

amen shes so real 

wahh the concept of this was super intriguing with the town setting and unique characters,, so sad theres no more content for this game :(( 

you have such a cool unique voice - loved this little collection

really sweet game,,, can't wait until it's finished