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A member registered Nov 29, 2022

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Hi, I like your game! It is interesting, but I cannot figure out how can I play it!

I'm looking forward to see a your released game as well!!:)

Oh!! one more thing!!

How can I save my game?! I cannot find any save button!

Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it! 

I'm gonna try it again with your comments.

I'm just wondering whether I was not able to find a village map or you don't have it. 

Cus if there is a map, it would great helpful to find a way. 

Again, thank you so much  for your prompt and kind reply!!

Hi, I really like your Penguin game!

So far, I got stucked in Bouncy Boinkers...

I got plenty of penguins were killed...!

I wanna listen to more about this highkey game!!!

looking forward to hearing from you:)

Hi, I like this beautiful village!

However, I was not able to finish the Intro!!! If I want to play the game, I can just skip it, but I wanna get through the Intro. Can I get some tips?