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I don't mind complex mechanics. I do mind missing mechanics. Like, when the limited repertoire of interface manipulations does not appear to allow the player to perform obvious moves.

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What CuriousVB said. In Tutorial #1, I can jump up to that one "island" that allows me to attack before I get the weapon. But after I get the weapon, I don't seem to be able to make that jump.

Later edit: Okay, you gotta click on "Wait" before you can do the required jump. But now I don't seem to have the weapon on me, even tho I have managed to chat with "Voice". At least, I can't Attack after that…

Dunno about this game. If the tutorial is as… unhelpful… as this, not real sure I want to bother with the game proper.

That's the Gatekeeper function. To convince Gatekeeper to let you run it:

Control-click on the app icon. This should bring up a popup menu, one of whose items is "Open". Select "Open", and that should do the trick.

(nods) Yep; "roll N dice, take the worst" was one of the "somewhat more complex" alternatives I waved my hands in the general direction of.

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Hmmm… I notice that there doesn't appear to be any way to reflect situational modifiers.

Suggestion: Add or subtract D4s from the basic dice pool.

Say a character is trying to scale a wall. If it's just a standard brick wall, the roll for that might be a pool of (Dexterity) D4s.

But what if it's raining? That would make it harder to climb, so subtract one from the pool—that is, roll (Dexterity - 1) D4s. And if it's really raining, I mean a torrential downpour, the character might need to roll (Dexterity - 2) D4s, or perhaps even worse.

If the wall has a bunch of bricks sticking out which are usable as handholds and footholds, that would make it easier to climb, so go with a pool of (Dexterity + 1) D4s.

And so on, and so forth.

If you choose to make use of this suggestion, you should prolly decide what to do if the pool penalties reduce the pool to zero dice or less. Perhaps the simplest way to go might be to declare the minimum dice pool to be 1D4, end of discussion. There are other alternatives, which are somewhat more complex.

It may be that your unZip utility is screwing up the expansion. Try a different decompressing app?

Apologies, but my Mac thinks this game is broken and should go to the Trash. Not sure what's up… I know I didn't get a Steam key; maybe that's the issue?

Hmm. The Mac installer is an exe file..? I think you may want to change that…

Regarding Catalina: Pretty sure Catalina requires 64-bit code. If this game is 32-bit, it will not run under Catalina; if it's 64-bit, maybe?