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Had a blast with this one, no complaints!

I enjoyed myself! Creative idea & good presentation. I ran into a glitch where I think the game mistook my bread as butter down when it was up. But overall I had fun!!

Between this and take me to tomato town, david just makes the most random games that happen to be my favorites on this site. I enjoyed myself in this one, though I still have no idea where the last fish bucket was lol

I Played a month or so ago on an older build, and had a great time! I accidently cut the food up so much it lagged my computer lol. i love these more open ended cooking games so much; would def be okay paying for a full release in the future. My only real criticisms atm are really small. I'd really like more camera freedom to just look around the kitchen & go in/out the fridge, and i think it would be cool if i could pull ingredients out of droors/cabinets. Thank-you fannf & Hou mai!

Neat! Impressive code :o

Icebox is an incredibly charming game. Dave did a fantastic job writing/developing, and Adrian's various voices kept a smile on my face throughout. Icebox is a super short game, but that's even more reason to give it a try.

I initially downloaded because the cute little puppy caught my attention. Started playing and honestly it's a lovely game - the multiple present types kept the game fresh, and it never overstayed its welcome. With some polish and a fresh coat of paint, I could see this as a more developed, paid product. But as is, Surprise stack is most definitely worth a download. Recommend!