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I bought this on Steam. Streamed it a few times and put a few runs on my Youtube channel. This game is A-MAZ-ING! It's in EA and there's not the greatest amount of content yet, but I put almost 13 hours over the course of a weekend. Go to Steam and pay the dev for it!!!

Make a cat one and you've got my money! *fingers crossed*

Awesome! Thanks!


I may be overlooking something right in my face, but when I try and launch the game it only brings up windows file manager. I don't see an .exe file anywhere in the game folder. Even a folder search doesn't find one. There are a few batch files that give an error when you open them. I may be an idiot, but how do you start this game? 

I was trying to pay for the game but whenever I clicked the "Pay with PayPal" button button it just routes to a blank white page. Tested this with two other games and it routes to PayPal fine. I'm not sure if it's a thing on your end or it's with Itch but I figured I'd let you know since I'm sure I'm not the only one who was willing to throw you a buck or two.

Awesome! Thanks for the update

This is a great little game. Do you have any plans to bring it to Android? It seems more suited to a touch interface as opposed to a mouse. I found that using the mouse gets a little... not difficult, per se, but kind of taxing depending on how long the run goes for. Please don't misunderstand, it is very good and I'll absolutely play more of it, but (and I never thought I'd ever say this about a PC game) I'd kinda rather play it on my phone.

Just a thought. Thanks for making this wonderful little game!

Sorry for the delay. Weird. I logged back onto Itch tonight and it looks like it had downloaded. What it was doing is that when you click on Download (I'm using the Windows app) it takes you to a screen where there is a dropdown that is either populated with the filename or to select a file if there are more than one. That dropdown was blank with no file and kept giving me an error message when I tried to click Install. I've had this happen a few other times with other games on Itch as well. Either way, it's working. I'm glad I was able to play your game, it is quite good. :-)

When trying to select the Win 64 bit download the file isn't there to download, it's just blank. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Cool. Thanks for letting me know!

Hello. I enjoy the game, except for the fact I have died a few times because when a textbox is up the game keeps going, but the textboxes take SO LONG to allow you to close them, you can take damage and die just trying to wait for them to close so you can move or perform an action. Could you please fix this so that you can hit a button to close them immediately/when you're done reading them instead of having to wait for them to display for however many seconds first like they work now? Thank you.

No worries. Thanks for the response!

Dwerg Saga community · Created a new topic Fullscreen?

Is there a way to make the game fullscreen? Thanks.

This game makes me hungry. Good job! Fun game.

Really enjoyed the game. The conversations seemed to flow more naturally than in probably any other branching dialogue game I've ever played. Even AAA ones. Much like someone else here, I didn't read the synopsis before I started playing so I had no idea that you were going to be balancing on the edge of a cliff. Streamed my first playthrough. After playing it I wished I hadn't (streamed it). I just feel it was more a personal experience than one best shared with others. I found myself a bit melencholy and introspective the longer the game went on. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants a thought provoking, narrative driven game with a great conversation system. It'll help you to ponder some things you otherwise might never think about. Great game. Thanks.

Hey there, I'm really enjoying the game! 

One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to get past the spikes in the cave. I'm trying to open a door with a crystal on either side of it. Got the power from a crystal in an area to the right of that room and plugged it into the righthand crystal. I can see a crystal in the area on the left but it's blocked by at least two sets of spikes and I can't figure out how to get past them. I've walked back through the whole area back to the fireplace where you start at least twice and I have no idea. There's nothing that gives any indication as to what to do. I also can't figure out why you can pull the power from/repower some cystals but seemingly not others. At any rate, if you could give me a hint on what to do about those spikes I'd appreciate it. 

It's working now. Thanks!

Great game. It took a bit to get used to, but I like the fact that Bubbles runs on his own. Makes it stand out from other games in the genre. I feel it helps to slightly increase the difficulty as well since that's not how you're used to playing a platformer. Art is great and music is catchy. Thumbs up!

Just tried to run the game. When I tried to shut it down my mouse cursor disappeared and the game's music kept playing but game screen was gone. After holding down C/A/D for a few seconds I was able to bring up task manager and a High Level Norton Alert had apparently caught a high level virus from the game and uninstalled the file. The virus looked to have the word "hijack" in it's name. Seems a little sketchy. I've occasionally had games from itch be flagged for trying to access input.inf, but nothing where the computer froze up and Norton giving me a high level virus alert. Any idea what would cause it? The game looks like something right up my alley but what happened has left me a bit concerned. Thanks.

I was trying to download your game through the Itch desktop app today, but when you click on the download link and it brings up the box with the filename and save location, no file is showing up there. So when you try and click install it gives an error for "no content available." It's not clear on the support page whether or not to contact the dev or Itch support for this issue, so I'll post on here first. Thanks.

Good game. There seems to be an issue in the Upgrades section though. When I try to add any points to Speed Boost or Triple Shot instead of increasing the number/bar, the amount of points goes into the negative, like it's counting down from zero for every point I put into it. Then if I come back to the screen again and click a point in, it'll reset back to zero. Then if I try and put points in again, it starts counting into the negative again. Could this be fixed by any chance? I love the game but that is really annoying since I lost like 12k points the first time I went to the Upgrade area because of this. Thanks. 

Pretty cool. I like the voices and sound effects. All the cat pics at the end were a nice touch.

Cool. I was able to put about 30 mins into it. I'm sure you're aware, but the pathing is a bit weird. I can send a Pop into the middle of the ocean, then leave him there underwater. Then later I can walk him back on shore anywhere. It's like they don't understand not to go into deep water and treat it like any other piece of walkable land.

I don't know if I missed it, but do you have a Discord? That way everything could be centralized in one place. Chats, updates, bug threads, etc...


Hey there. Just bought your game a bit ago, and it crashes after about two mins. Have tried it three times and same crash, same error with same action. It happens after I "check out" the dock. Then, I go into research and select it (shipyard). After that, I click on a Pop, then click on the dock (hammer icon) to restore it. As soon as I click it I always get the error: 

The UE4-Polyscape Game has crashed and will close. Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:F:\Fortnite\UE_4.22\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Container s/Array.h] [Line: 611] Array index out of bounds: 41486 from an Array size of 40000.

Then it crashes to desktop.

I know you just released it yesterday, so it's not a huge deal. But I wanted to let you know so you can fix it. I'm looking forward to playing more. Even though I haven't been able to get much into the game it seems pretty cool and right up my alley. Thanks

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Hmmm... Norton is reporting the .exe file (expelled-rl-windows-20190420.exe) as a virus when I try and extract the .zip file. Any reason it would do that? I mean, I'd like to think it's a false positive, but at the same time I'd like to be sure before I allow it. It's being reported as a Trojan.Gen.9. Thanks