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Thanks very much for your donation <3

This game is available on the lexaloffle forums along with the cartridge file, here's a direct link

Very Luft, Very Rauser!

Got to grips with this really quickly, fantastic little puzzle game, can really see myself revisting this!

Hi there, thanks for much for the kind words!

I've just downloaded the tools from this page and loaded up the demo in Unity 2019 and failed to encounter any compile errors. The video is admittedly out of date since I've made some quality of life upgrades since it was published but the genral principles are still the same.

What errors are you encountering exactly? I'd hazard a guess it'll be something related to a newer version of Unity I've haven't tried.

Oh, stop it you!

Thank you very much :)

Love this mechanic!

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My favourite entry by far, such a cute little biscuit, I want to take a bite out of it!!


My measure for difficulty during development was if I lasted longer than 30 seconds, the game must be way too easy.
Mission accomplished by the sounds of it

Impressive! Maybe some faster aerial enemies could make that strategy less viable...

Short but super atmospheric, great spooky vibes.

You aim movement could be less rigid. Try adding some momentum to your key presses and perhaps a little natural bob and sway to make things a bit more tricky.

I'm having a hard time getting past the splash screen for the web version, spce bar doesn't appear to be doing anything :(

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Boys, this wasn't made for this jam and you know it, why you being so cheeky?

Love the combination of characters to make the gnomes, genius!

Nice! I only managed to get up to 8 with my testing. My pal managed to get 12 though, gonna be a hard one to beat.

Love this! Visuals are absolutely spot on, excellent entry!

Thank you so much! This was the first thing I read this morning and it really brightened my day :)

To answer your question, yes, all of the courses in this game are procedurally generated ad they're just a collection of different coloured circles. 

Glad you enjoyed my little game, have a lovely day!

Fantastic game! I think I met a friend of yours, Jimmy frog earlier and the interaction really brightened my day!

Wow! Would love to see the code for this one!

Fantastic entry, shame I'm so bad at this!

Very difficult, but very well executed!

Really fun, nice work!

What a lovely golf game!

Must be a pain to get around though, these courses seem to be rather flooded...

There's definetly some more characters to be squeezed out here by just removing some of the whitespace and linebreaks. I managed to cut 18 characters off your code and not removing any logic, so there may be space for line clearing yet!

I was making my own version of tetris but it looks like I won't have space for the full game, here's what I have for line clearing though, it should work quite nicely for your version too;

for y=63,4,-1 do
for x=0,63 do
l=l and pget(x,y)>0
if(l)memcpy(24576+64,24576,y*64)goto c

Basically, start from the bottom of the screen and work up, check each pixel from left to right, if not black, keep l to be true. If l is true after checking the whole line, copy the screen data from the top down to the line we just checked down by 1 line and start the check again (we might have multiple completed lines and continuing in the current loop might miss them!).

Anyway, excellent game, love the idea!

Hope to see you for TTJ5!

Oooo I love these sand game, very nice work!

Here's a hot tip though, rather than declare a big 2D array for all your pixels, you can make use of pget() and pset() to do the same job! I made a similar tweet cart a sort while ago with this in mind;

Hope to see you for TTJ5!

These are some really pleasing movement mechanics, great job!

Oh, thank you very much!

Hi tkishi117,

Since your search query will be placed into a URL, you'll need to encode the hash character (%23).

Here's a handy resource for this:

Sorry for the delayed response, hope this helps!

Thank you for the kind words!

The erratic movement of the pendulum getting faster and faster is something I am aware of and I actually fixed in an update a short while back. However it seems I neglected to update the version seen here, so thank you for reminding me to fix this!

There's now a speed variable which should 1) resolve the issue of speeding up too much and 2) provide a way to watch this demo in slow motion.

Absolutely bananas and hard as nails, simply fantastic!

Cart has now been updated in light of these changes, hope you enjoy the new version!

You're not wrong! This is something I did for my new golf game so I think I will revisit this one and tidy it up more :)

yup! Cheaper than calling stop()

Thank you!

Currently the only files I've put for download is the source code , available for a small price.

That being said, I suppose I could pop a couple of executables up, it just didn't occur to me before now.

Can I ask why you might want a standalone executable over a browser based version? 

I actually got the idea for the trees from one of my favourite games, Duck Duck On The Loose

Essentially, layer a stack of circles (of varying colours) offset with a Z value. Shift each circle in the direction from the camera to the screen space position of each circle, using the Z value as the mmagnitude  of the vector.

Thank you Philip!

Incidentally, I also appreciate your thoughts on Pico Pirates, but it seems when I switched the comments from a discussion forums to comments in light of your feedback, I lost your comment :(

PP certainly does have a number of issues around gameplay and particularly balancing and this is something I'm looking to discuss in an upcoming postmortem. Thank you for your feedback and kind words :)

Not sure what's up with the web build, but I can't seem to load it here :(

Chrome is reporting a 403 in console, unable to load resource.

Hi Elliott,

I've updated the package today to include a read me containing instructions on how to overcome this issue.

It seems I forgot the include an important piece of information required for the Async plugin to function, the run-time version  of C# for your project must be set to 4.0 or above. This can be done by going to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player) and changing “Scripting Runtime Version” to “Experimental (.NET 4.6 Equivalent)" or "4.X"

If you continue to run into issues, please hesitate to get in touch. If I miss your comment for whatever reason, you can reach me at