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Craig Tinney

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Not sure what's up with the web build, but I can't seem to load it here :(

Chrome is reporting a 403 in console, unable to load resource.

Hi Elliott,

I've updated the package today to include a read me containing instructions on how to overcome this issue.

It seems I forgot the include an important piece of information required for the Async plugin to function, the run-time version  of C# for your project must be set to 4.0 or above. This can be done by going to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player) and changing “Scripting Runtime Version” to “Experimental (.NET 4.6 Equivalent)" or "4.X"

If you continue to run into issues, please hesitate to get in touch. If I miss your comment for whatever reason, you can reach me at

Thank you!!!

As this was a GGJ entry I probably won't be going back to this any time soon, but I might consider putting out the shader I used to do the cross-stitch effect so you can enjoy more games that look like this in the future :)

Thank you for the kind words!!

I LOVE IT! What happened to the background seem in the screenshots though? A victim of optimisation?

Whilst the lack of audio is a real shame, the humour in this entry is an absolute treat!

Do you have a Twitter where we can follow your game dev antics?

Don't put yourself down, this is an excellent de-make!

I've played a lot of ITB and found this to be an excellent counterpart, good job!

Fantastic tool, will definitely be making use of this a lot!

First I just want to say that I LOVE the aesthetic you've got going on here. Big fan of the low res, limited palette, retro vibe, although I do feel like this could be improved in some areas.
Most notably, the particle effects for enemy deaths don't conform to the same strict colour palette that's present for the other sprites, nor do they keep to the same rigid movement style that enemies do.  There are some tools available for Unity that come help overcome these issues, I can send you a link to them if that's something you're interested in.

Some other QoL features would also go a long way such as the inclusion of a pause mode, controller support and firing with the directional keys, which was my first instinct considering this is a twin-stick shooter.  

Also a huge fan of the enemy spawners and the animation of each new enemy being built piece by piece, an excellent little feature.

Uploading a fixed version now, cheers for the heads up!

Yes, I'll be more than happy to update builds with actual working copies as soon as I can. I'm away for this weekend but will make sure fixes are up on Monday :) 

Cheers man, nice website you got going here :)

[I wish I could reply to comments here, but I suppose this'll have to do]

Thanks very much, Sean! This jam has largely been experimental for me so it's good to hear about stuff that doesn't work so well and I do agree, the shooting doesn't 100% fit here due to the speed / screen size.

Your game looks rad as fuck by the way.

I hate to be 'that guy' but the particle effect used when you pick up the collectable at the start uses colours outside of the 4 in your palette due to the opacity levels.

I love how bouncy landing on enemies is though, fun stuff :).

Neat experience, and awesome to see this limited resolution + colour palette used to thematic effect too. The one downside of this is text can sometimes become difficult to read against such strong white colours, I found myself staring at a few ceilings trying to bits of text.

Otherwise, cool game!

Haven't had a chance to play this just yet, but it looks quite similar to Downwell...