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Would someone give me a little hand here? I decided to re-download the game after the 3.0 update (I had it before bu deleted it). I download and extract it very normally, and the game starts up fine. The problem is that most of the game does not respond. The only things that work are the menus (including the option menu, which is fully functional) and the pre-made Frogger simulation, and the only tools that I can select are "Move" and "Select" (not that they do anything). All the other game functions, such as the other tools and running a simulation are frozen, and do not respond when I click them, not even after a while (so they can't just be delayed). I can't point my finger at  anything I'm doing wrong while downloading the game. So I'd like some insight: is this happening to anybody else? Any errors that you know may cause this? Thanks for the attention. (I use Windows 10 btw)