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This was an experience! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

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Does anyone have a mac version like lust doll plus does. It's advertised but I have tried with wine and I keep getting the same errors. Like if someone got it to work with wine bottler for mac, please send it my way :3

XD "so you could vandalize it" MY GOD THATS A HIGH IQ PLAY! "The police can't stop me in Unity >:)"

Not only are you making great games, but you're out here giving out free PHOTOSHOP FILES OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART! God your a legend~

You have any tips for art, I keep practicing and studying anatomy but I'm still trash. I'm definitely gonna be analyzing these photoshop files... hope thats not creepy sounding :p

Im just writing what Im seeing!

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I am normally a PC guy. But I just got the game on my new mac as one of my first games to test it out and I can verify it works great!

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I'm not the kind of person who plays cute visual novel games, I consider myself an FPS and sandbox guy so this was entirely out of my comfort zone. And yet, I found myself completely immersed in the world. 

I have only done one play through but I got the best ending first try so I felt it was time to write a review. I will definitely go back and see the other endings as the game is a fair length and it never made me feel exhausted reading like some other visual novels I have played. This game is just... Cute: very cute. Gives you the same warm feelings that only a ghibli film can produce. 

My favorite moments were the conversation just before the end and the bit where the boyfriend geeks out about the anatomy of hybrids. While nothing big really happens in the story the plot still moves at a brisk pace. The art style is adorable, it obviously chibi-ish but its got this story book hand painted feel that makes everything feel warm and fuzzy. The music is a quiet chill vibe and much more aesthetically appealing than doki doki generica copyright free slop I hear in other games. Definitely gonna put it in my study mix :D . I like that while the fox has an unfamiliarity with the human world she's not just stupid. From the moment you see fox-girl she's cute but its through the writing that you become attached to her. When she wants to fight all you want to do is protect her, and while there aren't that many choices in this game the ones that are there are impactful and satisfying. 

If you like bite sized slice of life anime and adorable fox girls this game is a must play. Plus its free so just play it damn you!! 10/10 visual novel (from someone who thinks most visual novels are slow)