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Great input and we will look into that :-)

At the moment we are focused on College Football only but we will never say never :-)

Thanks for the feedback and that will be fixed before next release

In the depth chart you should be able to see which players are injuries, so have you tried to replace those? else we have optimized the depth cahrt for the next release, so it should be  fixed there

Thank you so much and we will for sure try to implement your feedback :-) 

Thanks for the information and I will make sure it is fixed for next version (still out end of this week)

I am using 1920 x 1080 so maybe you could sent me your resolution, so I can ensure that it is actually working in the next release?

Coulis you try to change your screen resolution since It seems to be the issue? It should be fixed in the version coming out end of the this week

Yes it is 

That is not something we have discussed in the project team, but it could very well be a possibility we just need to figure out a way of converting it from .NET framework to MONO