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You need to download it from here: and the description on how to install it should be in the zip file

Hi, I have not a clue since I don't know WINE. But if it is possible to have .NET Framework on it then it should be possible

Hi, at the moment we are not looking at a mac version

We have found an issue when scheduling the new season, so that might be the same issue that you have here

Yes. You need to have it selected in the settings, and then you should be able to fire a coordinator in the offseason when clicking on him

You should be able to download it from here:

thanks :-)

you need to allow the game in Microsoft defender

Does it happens everytime you select prestige or is it only a few times?

Could you sent me the stuff called CTFM then?

Do you have a file called ctfm.log which you could send to me at

I will take a look at it and do you remember who you were meeting in the game where it crashed?

Are you playing with the real teams mod? When simulating a game are you clicking simulate game or go to scoreboard?

Thanks for reporting it and we are looking to see if we can fix it

Not a stupid question :-) You need to unzip the file and then double click on the file called CTFootballManager.exe

Please check the newest version just released since it should fix the issue

Thanks but the link is to your local machine, so could you instead send the file to :-)

I have heard some others with the same issue, but so far I haven't been able to locate the issue. Do you have a file called ctfm.log you can attach here?

Hi, you just need to double click the exe-file. Remember to have .NET framework installed on your PC

Please try to run the game one time without the "real teams", and for running as admin you need to locate your CTFootballManager.exe-file, right click on it and select "Run as Administrator".

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Have you downloaded the mod pack (for real teams)  or are you playing with the ones included in the original version? ("dummy" teams)

And could you please check if you have any new entries in ctfm.log? 

Else please try to play the game as admin, since it could very well be because the game aren't allowed to write in the needed folder

Hi, thanks for the words and I just noticed your comments on youtube now :-) We are only doing this game, and we are just using gmgames as the platform to promoting the game. 

I hope to be able to take a look at your inputs this weekend and we will definitely contact you soon for more input and feedback :-) 

Could you please try to sent the saved game to

Is the issue saving a game or is it loading a saved game?

Thanks :-)

Not sure since I am fully occupied at work, so I have no time for the game at the moment

Thanks for reporting that since we wasn't aware of that

And I think I know the issue which is kind of stupid from my side.

Good pointe and I guess we need to look at the rankings system soon

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Thanks and do you also have the .file?

Could you sent me that saved game where it pops up with Akron? Then I might be able to figure out where the saving issue is

Thanks for the input and we will take a look at them. Regarding the Akron HC is that when you load a saved game? if so could you please sent it to

Thanks for reporting the issue and thanks for a great input which I hope we will be able to implement soon

At the moment you need to download the version each time

In a week or something like that

thanks and this is a known issue which we hope to be able to fix with the next release

You write that it looks like it is running in the task manager, so does it mean that it works? Else please sent me the content of ctfm.log

Do you have any new entries in ctfm.log file, and is it a new "installation" you are using? Meaning that you have not copied the new version into the old folder. Also could you check if the game should be running in the Windows Task Manager

Have you ever been able to run some of the other versions? If not are you sure that .NET Framework is installed and that you malware protection is allowing it?

We have added it to the todo-list, and we don't know yet when it will be implemented