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No prob.

Free to use anyway you'd like.

Free for commercial/non-commercial

Thanks for the feedback :)

Any chance you could send me an exact screenshot of the error from the devtools console log screen?

Sweet sounds great!
I think I'm close to wrapping this one up :)
..and I think I'm going to have to rename it now lol, since now it does more then just the window status icons
..probably needs to now be something like BattleIconEx or something

Progress update:

Aww thank you :)

Appreciate the support & feedback.

v1.21: Fixed the issue of the icons not being displayed, enemy icons are still standard MV version at the moment.

Working on making them customizable now ;)

Oh!? Oh my yep I'm on it. Very important discovery. Thanks for the feedback :)


Thank you for the comment. I messaged you back just with info on the forums & updated the demo to showcase what you have asked about :)

Aww shucks lol yay!

Happy to be of assistance.
Let me know if you need/want me to add anything extra & surely I will add other features if needed/wanted :) 

Made for this post:
WilsonFish06's Request Post on RPG Maker Forums

So all it really does as of now is changes the frame order back to a 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 order

So really probably not too practical for most users.. basically only made this one to fit the request of user named WilsonFish06 on RPGMaker Forums.

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Thank you for the nice compliment.
Yes I  sure do. Hopefully I can help. :)
Please message me either on the RPGMaker Forum or Discord: CT_Bolt#7222

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Thank you for the nice comment/feedback/idea :)

Uploaded a new version (v1.10)
[RMMZ] CT_Bolt Chase Player Demo (v1.10).zip

something like that?

hmmm... typing from my phone right now but...

Event notetag is set like mine?

... and page 2 is set with the self switch 'A'?

Uploaded a battle example demo for ya. Hope that helps.

Basically just need it like this:

 (I might update this plugin further for more features someday too)

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Amazing! Great work!

Gosh that really takes me back to the days of the original links awakening.

I honestly really did think about that lmao

Thanks homie! Let me know if there is anything else I can ever do for you! I'll be happy to help however I can :)