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Can I ask when will the release date be? is this game still on??

Good luck!

The game was AMAZING!! I loved every bit of!! tbh, my friend lent it to me first and I just couldn't live not having my own version of this!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3

waiting for the other guys to be released

Hi, when will this be released? I've fallen in love with it!!

You're right... of course they might be busy with other things. However, seeing such thing to be left behind it's sad and I know it's hard to make a game!

Yeah, I've tried CP and it was amazing!! I loved every bit of it. Actually, it's by far one of my favorite OELVN!

Just as I was gonna pre-order it... now I'm sad :(

Thank you for making this amazing game!!

I'm gonna play it right away. Again, thank you so much <3

I hope your next games will be commercial get what you guys deserve, I'll always support you!! <3