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Ah geez, I'm sorry if it says that. I don't believe it's actually compatible with Androids or phones, only computers. I'm so sorry about that. I'll try to fix it.

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So I haven't made a public announcement on this, so I thought I would now, since I know there are some people following the progress of TICL. I just wanted to apologize to you guys for having been so silent and inactive this past month with no explanation.  I was on a wild ride due to ADHD/depression and couldn't even think about focusing on this project. That is still no excuse for how long it has taken me. I hope to start being productive again and get this project done by the end of July or even Mid-September. I am very disappointed in myself for my sudden disappearance and lack of effort, but I do appreciate the support in interest on my project. Thank you once again and here's another apology,


Thank you for all this information. I'll get to adding those fixes in!

Geez, can't believe I messed up on coding with the dubbing. I could have sworn I fixed all of those, something must have gone wrong.

You're right, when this game takes place, the legal age is 20, it wasn't until recently that they wanted to push the age to 18. I suppose she meant it more as in the graduating age for high school, but I will fix that. (You can start legally driving at the age of 18, though.)

I'm glad you think I did a good job with the bad endings and striking emotional chords. Out of curiosity, did you get a Homicidal (Suki goes yandere) or Victim (lover goes yandere) ending? The Victim endings are more heartbreaking in my opinion, especially with Yoko and Sakiko since Suki just tends to blame herself and they do too (in one version for Sakiko).

Oh no, that one isn't either. Only the ones for the lover endings. I'll solve that problem and make sure it will not occur in the final release.

Luckily, it's nothing too serious that was lost, just the background noise. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for informing me.

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I don't think that's off-topic either. It's a fair question.

So, not exactly inspired or borrowed from Yandere Simulator specifically. It's more of coincidence and common themes. The premise of my story was to be about queer polyamorous yandere's that fall in love with each other. It also involves demon(s) and god(s) as part of the main plot. Yandere simulator is about one yandere in love with a totally normal person and has love rivals that she needs to eliminate. I've had a love and obsession for the Yandere genre for a long time, and I knew that creating a game that involves yandere's would definitely bring people to link it to Yandere Sim, but I swear that most of my influences did not come from it, even if I do enjoy it.

The uniforms I designed is actually not like any of the uniforms from Yandere Sim (as the sailor fuku style that I use is black and white, and his is navy blue and white) and happens to be my original design based off real high school uniforms from Japan. In fact, my character Chiaki, who was created before TICL is what I decided to go with for the uniforms.

I suppose it might seem like Sakiko's fashion is similar to Oka, but that is because they're both Japanese gothic high schoolers. Though I admit, I didn't think about the fact that they both have spider print gloves and tights, but spiders are an important part of her character, which is evident through the nickname that the Demon uses. And if we want to talk about personality (I know you didn't mention this, but I thought I'd add it just in case), Oka is shy whilst Sakiko is completely apathetic. Occult Club is uncommon, but it is a thing in some anime. I felt that it was a good fit for a club of goths. To be honest, most, if not all of the fashion in this game is inspired by actual clothes. I just altered little details such as colors with them.

(This is not at all saying that Yandere Dev hasn't either, I'm just say that I have not looked to him or his game for reference) I've spent a lot of times doing my own research of the actual lifestyle in Japan. I researched the lives of Japanese adolescents and how school works there and even made a chart for the classes each student has even though it'd never be seen by the audience. I even made a calendar with when the school days, breaks, and trimesters are and when they have uniform changes, as well as their holidays.

If we also want to bring Yoko into this, being a Yanki/Delinquent, I created her before Yandere Sim implemented the delinquents and her main inspirations are actually from Kamikaze Girls and Fruits Basket.

I suppose I can't say it's even coincidence, it's just that we are writing about similar topics in very similar settings, so there are definitely bound to be common territory. I know this early access just came out a couple weeks ago, but I've been working on the project for a couple of years and had the idea for it for even longer. I also intentionally put some tropes that might also be in Yan Sim as a jab at anime, and this will be especially prominent when Yan is introduced as a key character (he makes fun of the hair colors and other things like that).

That one actually is not an error. The "happy"/lover endings are not available in the early access. I made that error page myself. Hence it saying "Please try again at another date."

There is actually a secret or two hidden in this. ;)

Yeah, unfortunately that isn't what was supposed to show up, but it won't be a problem in the full version. I'm sorry that happened.

Not off topic at all! The .0 does refer to later parts of the series. Each one introduces four cast members (as there are 13 in total including Suki). Technically, two of 2.0’s cast members have been either introduced or mentioned in 1.0 The Royal Rebels. Essentially, come the next part, anything that happened after the introduction of the previous part is not considered to happen and you have a clean slate for Suki’s love life at Yanagi high. But you can only date the new four options and not any of the previous ones. 

You can actually find all of the bios for the later girls (and boy) here!: https://theartofcsr.tumblr.com/post/164123169173/started-making-character-bios-for-the-illness

Yoko, Sakiko, Kazashi, And Katsumi are The Royal Rebels and introduces in 1.0. While Yan, Rini, Midori, and Kimi are The Bloody Bows and introduced in 2.0. Finally Takara, Natsuko, Haru, And Emiko are The Destructive Divas and introduced in 3.0. So the names are like the group’s name as a whole, but can also be seen as the name for each segment. 

2. Well I am VERY glad that you were able to like Katsumi despite her faults and recognize her good points. I was worried that most people wouldn’t like her, which is a shame since I adore her and all the Royal Rebels. 

4. It’s cool. Introvertedness and antisocial behavior is very commonly mistaken for shyness.

6. I know I don’t have to, but since you said something and seemed to enjoy my work, I believe I owe it to you to let you know why I cannot or will not, sort of thing. It’s not that I’m trying to discount anything, it’s just that I want you to know that I am listening but can’t implement certain things (at least as of 1.0)

9. Oh yes, there will be true happy endings, I can guarantee you that. 

P.S. 2 of my favorite ships from 1.0 The Royal Rebels would be Katsumi/Yoko and Sakiko/Kazashi. You’ll see why once implemented. ;)

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That actually is the end if you got the Lover Ending, but there is supposed to be something else. I'm terribly sorry that happened, I guess something must have gotten lost. Here is what the actual error page should be:

2. I guess I see where you are confused about Katsumi's sadism and interest in BDSM, but it does help to have a good knowledge of the BDSM culture and community. Katsumi's sadism is a very big part of her character to me and is definitely explored more in the full game. Just the way that she can be invasive and demanding, she does a lot of power plays quite often. She's a tease and playful and sometimes you can't help if you get off on someone else's pain. You'd be surprised by who is actually into BDSM in the real world. It's also important to see that Katsumi is not only a dominatrix, but a healthy and good one. I don't won't the BDSM community more slandered and misunderstood than it already has been, especially with the whole 50 Shades series. I suppose it's not really bravery and impressiveness on Katsu's part as much as it's entitlement and narcissism. She's not a delicate person, she pushed someone down the stairs and shoots arrows. She's actually pretty rude, while calling out on other people to not be rude, but she's a protector at the end of the day, and I find that to be an important trait to have in a Dom. It's actually because of Katsumi that the twins' mother is out of the picture.

3. Yeah, I see where Yoko seems like just a wannabe badass show off, she's just an incredibly depressed and manic person that needs to feel strong or just need to feel something. But her depression isn't what should make her lovable, so I get it.

4. Quiet and avoids interactions, for sure, though I definitely wouldn't say she's shy. She just wants to avoid trouble. Suki just came from being horribly bullied and heartbroken and so she just wants to move on and avoid people. She wants to keep her focus on one thing.

6. I definitely will fix any bugs. The sprites, however, I won't redraw any of them, though I will touch them up. I am a one man team, and I don't have the patience and time to work on those. For the future games, I will have nicer sprites, but for 1.0 The Royal Rebels, it's not something that will happen. I also am not going to remove the BDSM for a number of reasons, one already being stated in #2. The other reasons are because that I already have all the art done for that and I would have to replace them with new stuff. Everyone has a sex scene and Katsumi literally cannot have sex without BDSM. She has a paraphernalia, meaning it is the only way she gets off. So removing the BDSM scene would mean removing the sex scene for her altogether which would make her path even more uneven than it already is.

9. The actual true story of The Illness Called Love involves queer polyamorous yandere magical girls and (a) demon(s), so there actually will be fighting and a conflict, unlike the visual novels. The visual novels are more of fluff to introduce the RPG's characters and theme. It is not the true story past the introduction sequence.

And as for the polyamory, well, the polyamory is important to me to have, especially since the relationships are important to see between the girls. As Chiaki in the beginning said, the polyamorous routes are actually closer to the trueness of the story. But it's important to the true story of the true game, as these are more little introductions and samples of what The Illness Called Love will be.

Thank you so much for your comment, though. I definitely will keep that in mind for 2.0 The Bloody Bows and 3.0 The Destructive Divas.

If you'd like to report any bugs, problems, typos, or anything of that sort, please respond here on this topic so that they're all in one place and I may fix them easily.

Problem has been located and been fixed. I currently rebuilding the distributions and will soon re-upload the new zips. I am so terribly sorry about the inconvenience, I should have done a final check before uploading this, as this problem occurred by the very last change I programmed. There should hopefully be no more bugs/errors this severe, but if there are, please let me know and I'll happily fix it. Good thing this is marked as early access.

I am so sorry that happened! I will look at that right away! Thank you so much!

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Hi, I'd like to ask you guys to put your input here if you played the demo. These are just a few short questions, and you don't have to answer all of them, but I'd love to hear what you have to say.

1. Who would you say is your favorite girl out of the four? (If you'd like, you can number most to least favorite or something, your choice.)

2. Why is someone your most favorite?

3. Why is someone your least favorite?

4. What do you think of our protagonist, Suki?

5. Did you feel the scenes were too long, too short, or just about right?

6. Do you plan or might be interested in playing the full 1.0 when it comes out?

7. If you didn't like this, why?

8. If you did like this, why?

9. Are you interested in playing the full version that will be an RPG when it comes out with the full cast?

10. Any extra input?

Bonus questions:

-Who did you go for first?

-Who's path did you enjoy the most (if you played more than one)?

Thank you very much!

The Devil's Alleyway is not a game, just a short story. It was a sort of test for me getting into making visual novels to start with a kinetic novel. A good way to learn coding and the sizes for images such as the sprites and CGs. I'm glad to see that you did check it out. It's not the best, but I was very proud of it when I first worked on it. Drawing the tattoos was not fun. XD I've drawn plenty of doodles between Ipos (bartender/demon) and Marissa (woman), I just don't expand on it here. I don't think I've posted them on my art blog yet.

Thank you so much for your honesty and response!

I can see why you dislike Yoko, but I personally love her, but then again, I love all of the 1.0 cast members. When you get to know her more in her path and the harem/polyamory path, you see her heart of gold and that she actually is a pretty badass fighter, but I'm not trying to make any excuses. She just has self-esteem issues and acts a bit afraid when it comes to letting people in, hence why she can be quite the Tsundere. Not everyone can be compatible with that personality, that is for sure.

And yes, Kazashi will most definitely have her own path and ends (everyone has at least 3 endings of their own) and even has two other shared  paths and ends of a polyamorous nature. Glad to see you're interested in the poor sweet thing. Out of the 13 cast members, she is one of the top 5 with tragic backstories. Also, since you mentioned that you liked Bowie and Adolf's back stories, you most definitely are more likely to enjoy the twins' and probably Sakiko's. Sakiko I suppose can be seen as sweet, but above all else, she's apathetic and a bit insensitive to everything. But she is my tall, beautiful, goth baby and I adore how naive she can be. Sakiko is actually the second youngest of the full 13 cast, so she's actually pretty innocent to a certain extent.

Thank you for the hint about Suki's inner monologues, though those are way less frequent during the main part of the story/script. Each girl actually has a scene designated for telling you their backstory. Just as they all have the typical date scene, kiss scene, etc, they all have a scene for their past, hobby, a holiday, their birthday, a scene of malice (yan), a scene of vulnerability (dere), and a few others, though some of these you only get the real experience if you unlock it.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the demo and are interested in playing the full 1.0. I'm currently approaching the halfway point of the main game but progress will be coming faster as I am currently looking for a job and not attending college this semester, so I have more time to write, edit, draw, voice, code, and whatnot. Also, I've had some lovely and talented ladies audition for being voice actors for the full 1.0, so that is something to look forward to! Thank you once again!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment, it made me laugh when you talked about Bowie. If you really liked that, you should check out the demo for the game I'm currently working on called The Illness Called Love 1.0, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can find it on here.

Of course. Thank you, by the way. (Also, this wasn't supposed to be taken 100% seriously, just to add. I do have a Demo posted here for a more serious game called The Illness Called Love.)

Haha, thanks. I also have another one with a dark theme like this in the workings. My demo is posted.

Hi, I'd like to ask you guys to put your input here if you played the demo. These are just a few short questions, and you don't have to answer all of them, but I'd love to hear what you have to say.

1. Who would you say is your favorite girls out of the four (including Kazashi)? (If you'd like, you can number most to least favorite or something, your choice.)

2. Why is someone your most favorite?

3. Why is someone your least favorite?

4. What do you think of our protagonist, Suki?

5. Did you feel the scenes were too long, too short, or just about right? (This was the intro, so I didn't want to take up too much time with it since the rest of the game paths will be longer, but do you think it showed enough of the characters and possibly a feel for how the rest of the game will be?)

6. Do you plan or might be interested in playing the full 1.0 when it comes out?

7. If you didn't like this, why?

8. If you did like this, why?

9. Are you interested in playing the full version that will possibly be an RPG when it comes out?

10. Any extra input?