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Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the clarifications Adrian, and thanks for sharing your workflow!

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Hey Adrian, that's a great initiative, thank you for that. I was trying to implement it but I didn't have enough knowledge to pull it off :)
I think your extension still needs to generate the tile map array in the header file, right? I found this implementation that does that and I was trying to adapt it, but it seems that a loop through every single pixel of the image is needed, to get its colour and convert it to a byte to be used in the function set_bkg_tiles, for instance.  Would you happen to know how to do that?

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Hi there, is there any plugin I can use to export a project to the gbdk c format as shown in this tool called Gameboy tile designer?

Hello there, how can I download the .gb file to play in my original gameboy? Thanks :)