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Wow, this is the first time someone calls a creation of mine "gem". Feels sooo good, thank you!

Thank you, really appreciate it! 

It's good that it's learnable. I'm pretty sure I could achieve no-damage run in a few tries now. The small hints for the falling boulders were nice, a small observation of the mechanics really decides whether the player wins or loses. That's how a bossfight should be done even in AAA games, gj!

Turning is really smooth. I don't mind the 1-button controls, once you get the hang of it you can pretty much just mimic how real people do it, by S-curving all the way. I really liked that relevation. Only thing that concerns me is the random tree generation. Most of the time I simply ended up in an impossible situation :D Is there a pattern for the trees or 100% random? I know I'm reading too much into a week-long jam game but I'm curious :)

Good to hear, thank you :D

I'm glad, thank you! :) 

Hi all! I'm a junior Angular and hobbyist Unity developer. I have joined 1 jam in the past but didn't finish it. I came back to make up for it and learn how to better work under pressure. I want to increase my soft and hard skills by challenging myself this way, so I joined Week 243 and plan to join regularly from now on. If things go well I'll also release my first commercial game's demo on Steam this month, but I'm not here to promote that.

Thank you so much :) Keep up the good work, I'm pretty sure these small but quality games will eventually lead to somewhere greater.

Great game, the mood is spot on! Can I ask you how you did the leaderboard? Did you use some sort of API or coded it yourself? Thank you!

My friend (the author) is a hardworking person who just started learning Unity. I'm amazed the speed he's picking up the engine. He may have started from copying tutorials, but his ability to fix bugs we reported to him, enhance logic and slowly but surely optimize the game is admirable. Please give it a try and leave some criticism here to help a growing future game dev! Thank you!

Now to talk about the game too: We started with just having fun "speedrunning" the game in the office, but later it became a true competition. Maybe it won't be the next Super Metroid 100% glitchless category, but it can certainly deliver 1 hour of fun at least for a small group. For free.