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Update: Im trying to get my game on xbox. Its been tested and im going to see if I can put it on the windows store for both PC and Xbox. However, those are 2 completely different builds of the game in their own version, sepatate from this one. If I get my game onto consoles, it will be updated much less frequently than here. Im going to put all future updates on the itch page only.  This website will likely contain the most recent version of my game at all times. Ill keep you updated on the console port. it has yet to be certified by microsoft so we will see.

nice video! Thanks for playing

Im currently testing the game out for xbox one. A port is a possibility. Ill keep you updated.

Update: I just implemented a kill counter in the engine. Ill put it out in the next update 100%. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks For 3000 downloads

Great video. I’m glad you got some of the references. I’ll try to add a kill counter of some sort in the future. Thanks for playing

That’s more a bug than a troll. Thanks for letting me know. If it’s running slowly, try lowering the resolution 

Nope. You have to download. Sorry it’s the only possible way to play at the moment because the game is too big to be in a browser

Thanks. What do you mean, graphics troll?

Great vid. Pretty funny. Thanks for playing

Vid Link Here: 

Wow! I just went on youtube and looked and trending for gaming, and I saw a vid of my game at #4 On Trending! Never would have thought this game would get sorta big. Thanks for almost 3000 downloads also. Ill make sure to keep updating since it seems that people are still interested in my game. Thanks for the support!

Great Video! Thanks for coming back to the game. Glad you enjoyed the new ending!

It just updated and added a lot more

In the newer versions, its shown that he was stabbed by a slasher. Thanks for playing. 

Probably, but not for a while, at least a new one, might update old ones. Just finished this one so I’ll probably focus more on gameplay improvements now. Have you gotten the new ending?

There is one new one but it’s huge and actually has gameplay to it unlike others.

Also, the squidward model isnt just modeled face down in the newer versions, there is a falling animation.

Just updated seconds ago! Theres much more now including new endings and a boss fight. Also, you were playing a much older version of the game. Not sure if that was something on my part, or this video was recorded much earlier.

Just started working on another ending. You may have to wait a while to see because it will take me a long time to do but it will probably be the best ending so far. There is no date for it coming out but it wont be super soon.


Ill try to put something out around Christmas which isn’t too far away.

RIP Stephan Hillenburg

Thanks for playing! Funny Video!

Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg. May his legacy and contribution to spongebob live on. 

Thanks for playing. Great video! 

Great vid. Thanks for playing

Awesome Vid. Thanks for playing.

Awesome Vid. Great suggestions that you pointed out. Ill defiantly fix some things, and take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks.

Amazing. Thanks so much for playing! You were very good at the game. Congrats on getting all the endings.

Update: I just added controller support in v0.3

Thaks for trying it out! Sorry it was difficult for you. In the future ill try to add a patch where you can select your difficulty and that should cater to users who arnt as experienced with FPS games. Thanks for trying it out.

Awesome. Ill try to optimize the game a bit more as it seemed to be a bit laggy. Ill also try to implement some controlelr support. Thanks for playing im glad you enjoyed!


Thanks so much for playing. Love the vid!