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Will the game also be released on Steam?

I'd do the same, but I do not know if I itchi not grabs the additional fee for currency conversion money. (I generally don't buy on itchi) ;w; 

Awww I was looking forward to the release of this game. It's just a pity that the Steam version will be later ... Now I'm having a problem whether to buy the game here or wait for the Steam versions.

I thought it was Candice. xD And is it possible that you will release boys sooner than ladies? Not that I mind, because I will probably play everything, but I'm interested in gentlemen's routes especially Chris (I have no idea what you will come up with with his love for Isis, but I hope only that nobody will die at the end...  SPOLER I still haven't digested his death in other route. It's so sad that the first CG with Chris I got was his death. ;w; I like the character anyway, even if he is nasty for MC. XD )

Hello! I wonder in what order additional routes will be issued? I know there is to be one every month. I mean, for example, if the Candice route will come out first, because I saw that her CG was on Twitter a lot.

We don't know if we're going to do spin off or part 2 of the game. However, we are glad that you enjoyed our game!

P.S Skip is a joke in itself. ;)

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Dziękujemy bardzo za wiadomość! Jeśli będziemy robić aktualizacje z poprawianiem wszystkich błędów, z pewnością będziemy brać po uwagę twoją wypowiedź. Cieszymy się, że gra się spodobała!