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can you do a pack of magic/skills and abilities? 

Thank You So much

Any plans for 4 directions enemy and character sprites

Nom Nom

Very Tasty. Thank you so very much friend. You are appreciated.

Yay Awesome, Thank you!


Hello friend, I wanted to let you know that I downloaded the 8 frame spider boss and insect (Thank you kindly) But the insect download of 8 frames are the same files as the spider boss 8 frames :)

Hello friend, just want to say I can't thank you enough for starting to make these in 8 frames. Much appreciated!

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Thank You so much friend :} 8 frames  up to 12 frames would be great. I cant thank you enough. 

Side note-I purchased all these yesterday and they went on sale today lol Thats funny :) Just thought i would share ha ha

Thank you so much friend. I cant tell you how much you are appreciated. What are the chances of getting all your iso models in 8 frames? Maybe if paid?

Thank you, kindly friend. I understand and appreciate you getting back to me. Thank you!

Thank you so very much friend. These will complete the monsters i need for my game. Gunna purchase them all. One question if I may?  Are there some specific frames i can take out of these animations to make them all 8 frames rather then 16 and 24 and still get a decent anim? Im sorry, thanks again for all you do for us.

Very awesome work. You are appreciated. any chance for a 4 directions or even 8?

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howdy, just curious if these can be used for commercial purposes? 

Nevermind, cant use em. They are very blury unless far away. thanks tho

I understand, thanks for the reply friend.

would jump on your characters if they were 4 direction, 8 even better :) they are awesome

Hello friend, what are the chances i could get these in bigger sizes such as 576x576 or 768x768? Thank you kindly

howdy, thanks for this wonderful plugin. I just need to know if this will work for parallax maps or is it just editor maps.

it did, thank you friend.

Thank you kindly :)

i purchased this but it does not work. the files that it shows in your tutorial aren't there. not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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can we get a 2 handed weapon attack? maybe a special 2 handed weapon attack also.

would love to see some more town/village houses, a castle and some overworld stuff. snow variations also :)

I would love to see a castle and city, more houses/village stuff, and snow variants.

hello friend, you are appreciated. I would like to ask if you plan on any buildings like castles, town and village houses, maybe a snow version of your plains and such. Would love to see more locations and adventure areas.

oooo and a 2 handed weapon attack. Would be awesome!

Honestly, friend, I love your art.  The only reason I'm not using them is that I need them in the up-and-down direction also and no artist sadly. I would pay you at least 50.00 for that.

if these characters were 4 directions, I think way more people would be interested. your art is great and you are appreciated. 

hello friend, what are the chances I can pay you to make some of these 4 directions for me? also, I would like to ask you about doing some character work based on some characters I have already, need them made pixel :)

thank you kindly for the reply. thank you

may i ask what sizes the islands and building are?

hello friend, you are appreciated. Would it be possible to make the different poses they have in 4 or even 8 directions?

never mind lol thank you

Hello, first I want to say I appreciate what you do. Thank you. I purchased the bounty hunter but there were no sword sprites. I thought there were because i seen them in the video. thank you kindly

would love to see a caster and an archer. You are awesome friend. Thanks for all you do!

I think its a great idea as well

any chance for some medieval building and castles and such for 2d?

thank you kindly, they are there now. I appreciate ya