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you are awesome. Would be heavenly if these were animated in 4 directions.

thank you kindly for the reply. thank you

may i ask what sizes the islands and building are?

hello friend, you are appreciated. Would it be possible to make the different poses they have in 4 or even 8 directions?

never mind lol thank you

Hello, first I want to say I appreciate what you do. Thank you. I purchased the bounty hunter but there were no sword sprites. I thought there were because i seen them in the video. thank you kindly

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Any chance for a 2 handed sword/axe hero character. Like The peasant character but using a 2 handed great sword?

would love to see a caster and an archer. You are awesome friend. Thanks for all you do!

I think its a great idea as well

any chance for some medieval building and castles and such for 2d?

i 2nd that, castles next please. maybe with a harbor also

hello, sorry for the late reply. had a death in the family and had to go out of town.  so unfortunately i missed out on that deal. ty kindly for the quick responses and willing to work out a custom deal. you are appreciated and ty again. sorry 

i think a castle set with harbor for the rpg worlds would be perfect for the next set.

Hello, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to change the world edge water tile. If it was more of a rocky edge with out the sand and more oval i would buy the bundle. Maybe the water tiles with land edge added have a transparent version as well so can be used on other terrains,

hello, sorry if this is a silly question. can this be used for commercial projects?

hello, thanks for the plugin, you are appreciated. I wanted to ask about image map size. Are there size restrictions? Can a 100x100 map size be made with 3 to 5 layers with out  issues of lag?

hello and again thank you. i did purchase the tileset and if it would not be an issue yeas please, i would love them scaled up. thank you kindly

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Hello friend, thank you for all you do. you are appreciated. I wanted to ask if it was possible to remove the grass and such from the moutains, rocks and water edges in your rpg worlds set so they can be used on other terrains? 

ty for the reply, 1 last question. is it possible to make these assets in much bigger sizes with out messing up the images?

may i ask what the license for this is please?

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yes, would love to see some city and castle stuff :)  Also, thank you kindly for all you do, you are appreciated.