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A member registered Jul 27, 2020

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I'm late playing this legendary game, puppet combo never misses. Once again great game, I cant wait to play all the other masterpieces. 

Once the game picked up...Bro I legit almost pissed myself. I wish Michael would take off those loud ass, tough leather timberlands in the house. Great demo, I need to see the rest!

The atmosphere of the game was chilling, every minor sound had me jumping lol. Cant wait for the full development of the game. 

Even though I was too scared to finish, I could still recognize that the game was great. Can't wait to play any further updates!

wow, this game is scary as hell! my only minor complaint is how long it takes to get into the building, but other than that this game is amazing. I didn't get to beat it yet and I'm sure you have plenty of feedback but keep making these great games <3 

I truly enjoyed this game and I see a bright future for the later developments of the game. Maybe there could be some sort of leveling system with upgrades to your boat and harpoon, combine this with multiplay and I think people would spend hours on this game.