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The game works great on Linux, thanks! For other Linux users, just open a terminal, cd into the game directory, and type  `chmod +x game`. Now you're  a real hackerfur.

I'm sure it'll be fine. :)

I just want a cool story to get to know some lovable monsters. If you can deliver that, I'd be perfectly happy with the game.

Hang in there. I know I probably don't have to tell you this, but it's common to be overwhelmed when coming to a new job. Try to be kind to yourself and work to find balance in your life. Eventually your bandwidth for side-projects should open up once you get settled in. At least, that's how it worked for me when I got my job earlier this year, after being unemployed for most of least year.

lol, yeah, was about to say, don't fix all the bugs!

I'm normally cheap af, but I love the really niche content of this game. I'd be down to support it just because we need more game devs who are unafraid to dive into the kinkier stuff. These are the real heroes. :3

I'm looking forward to it!!

Looking forward to seeing this finished! The demo really had me grinning. Also, Alix is cute.

a linux version would be very awesome!

I'm looking forward to seeing more. :3

Yeah, I have my dog with me, should I leave him behind?

And yeah, I used all five of them that the witch gave me. She won't give me any more for free if I abort the quest and start it over again, of course.

I have all the add-ons for the house made, including the places for animals and the prisons.

Yep! I used all five of them that the witch gave me. She won't give me any more for free if I abort the quest and start it over again, of course.

I'm wondering if the witch is buggy... I'm having a lot of trouble getting a raptor for her (in the lake... the scene mentions the raptors being easier to capture, but there's no option to take it), and I have a similar amount of trouble finding the alpha werewolf (during the day, in the forest).

I also do have the prisons all built, and I've gone pretty far in my quests. I tried taking the raptor quest maybe a little earlier than usual, maybe, but I ran into the same bug as mentioned earlier, and had to abort it to move on.

Also, one tip for those who have trouble finding glowshrooms; if you want, you could just grow more. If you grow a garden, you can get 10 more in a single day just by planting the one you find in the cave.

This game is really great so far. The writing is pretty damn good, and it feels very polished and full-featured compared to other RenPy VNs. The gameplay is engaging and varied, and I've spent... Probably 20+ hours playing it so far, and there's still stuff I haven't explored yet. Probably got another 5-10 hours of gameplay that's currently finished for me to explore soon, and I look forward to seeing your updates!