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I have a similar prediction for the characters' future! :) Thank you for the lovely comment!

Thank you for the beautiful comment! I hope you live a long time. Everyone has a different path in life so I know the "lesson" of this game is not going to apply to everyone, but it's something I continue to experience over and over in my own life. So I wanted to share it. :) I'm glad the message resonated with you as well!

husband ;_; <3

This is looking amazing! The art is very high quality and the short bit of story in the demo was enough to get me hooked. And most importantly the characters all feel like real people with real motivations. The little romance previews at the end of the demo made me so eager to find out more about the love interests! (especially Frey) (what does his scene mean??)

I liked this! Every character had their own distinct voice and personality and I liked everyone for different reasons, haha. It was wholesome  to see the cast doing all these little things to make Christmas special despite not being able to celebrate it the way they usually would.

Thank you, I'm happy to hear that! :)

Hi! No jumpscares, exactly, but at one point the music and imagery change kind of suddenly. You'll know it's coming when the music stops, if that helps!

Haha, thank you! I also like pining, don't know if it shows. :)

Just played the full version and I still loved it! No spoilers but the addition to Jak's scene made me giggle. And Grimm was exactly how I imagined he'd be, and by that I mean he was perfect.

It's rare for someone to make all the art by themselves like you did with the sprites and the backgrounds and the CG and the GUI and the literally everything. That's a ton of work, I hope you're proud! :)

Great atmosphere! The black and white art really helps. I quite liked the characters (especially Ember..?) and the plot was delightfully spooky.

Yay, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Thank you for the comment! :) I understand your critique on the way the relationship with the friend turned out. If I'd had more time during the jam, I would have written more foreshadowing and such to make it obvious that the friendship is toxic.

The friend has a certain idea of what's "wrong" with the MC: the MC lives alone, is single, has no car, doesn't socialize with the correct people, etc. None of those things are actually problems, but the friend thinks she knows what's best for the MC and is always trying to help them in ways the MC doesn't really want or need. The friend likes being "the competent one" in the relationship. Basically she looks down on the MC.

The story is about the MC discovering their self-confidence and trying to change the relationship that isn't making them happy. Unfortunately the friend refuses to listen (because the MC's new confidence threatens her position as the MC's savior), and the MC decides it's better to end the relationship than to keep talking to a wall. It's not pretty, but it's what the MC needs in that moment. 

Maybe someday the friend will experience character growth and she'll be willing to set her ego aside and actually listen to the MC? But currently she's just not there. 

Sorry this reply is a bit long, I got carried away! Wish I'd had time to show the nature of the relationship better in-game. Thanks again!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thank you! Yeah, I felt there was no way for those two to have a nice and healthy relationship, at least not within the scope of this short story. It MIGHT be possible after several years of character development, maybe. Or maybe not! I never planned that far.

Adorable!! A charming and wonderful little story. :D Strangely nostalgic for some reason. I was impressed by how many variations the sprites had, and how well every piece of art and sound fit together. Mothdude's personality was just perfect and his little blushing sprite made me stop and go "awww" every time it appeared. Thank you for the delightful game!

I'm glad you thought I handled the heavier topics well! That was something I really wanted to get right - the goal was to make the characters' struggles realistic and engaging without going into "this is too dark" territory. Thank you for the comments!

Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

That was a fun adventure! I'm not gonna spoil the story but I can say I found every character interesting even though some had very few lines. Everyone looked really dang good, too! I also liked the transitions between showing sprites "normally" and next to the text box whenever necessary. Very smooth!

The CGs were also done really well. I don't normally pay much attention when games display a picture of some important object, but the object illustrations in this game made me stop and go "oooh, pretty." :D

That was a great read!! Such gorgeous illustrations and such a beautiful story. <3 I've never felt so emotionally invested in a spider before. Thank you for the fun experience!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the game. :)

That demo put me in such a good mood! The characters were incredibly likeable and displayed a lot of personality in a short time. I really appreciated the attention to detail when it came to the characters' facial expressions. For example I noticed Jak smiling when he wasn't even speaking, he was just listening to the protagonist at the time, and I found that super cute. Like, aww, he cares. I'll definitely be checking out the full game when it's done!

FOUR has stolen my heart with that awkward little smile. ;_; ...It's okay, they can keep it.

Thank you for reading! Not many people seem to have gotten the bad ends before getting the good end, so it's nice to see you did and enjoyed the experience! Thank you for the kind comment. :)

So cute! The sprites are really high quality and I love the wholesome atmosphere! Every character has a distinct personality, I especially love Mozzy. <3 The writing style was pleasant and relatable and it was easy to get immersed right away. A lovely game!!

I quite liked the premise and the characters! No spoilers but there was some nice foreshadowing you did with the relationship between Lottie and the protagonist. I had a certain feeling about them from the start and I was happy to find out I was right, haha. Great job on having so many sprites and illustrations, too! They added a lot to the atmosphere.


What!! What. That was really cool! All the characters acted very, very real. Despite the title I wasn't expecting to see any romance in this game but you know what, the awkward flirting was great and made total sense.

I loved all the photographs too, they were gruesome and beautiful at the same time. What happened with Ulna and Jack? I wish to know. I'm emotionally invested in their relationship.

What an unsettling story. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you, Katy! <3 I was a little worried there might not be enough background info about the characters in the game (because I had to cut a bunch of stuff out), so I'm happy to hear it was enough to be interesting! I'm super happy with the CG you mentioned, too. Thank you!!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I want you to know I read "hot toddy" as "hot teddy" and I just accepted it without a second thought.

Hey, thank you for giving my game a spin even though you haven't played many visual novels before! I'm glad you liked the experience. That must have been a weird intro to visual novels.

I made the demon's facial expressions extra subtle due to their personality. They've kept their emotions buried for many many years and it's going to take some time and effort to thaw them out. :)

You know, during development I did toy with the idea of having the demon be a figment of the protagonist's imagination, but that thought was brief as it felt a bit too dark for me. I also thought about making it so that the demon is real, but for whatever reason only the protagonist can see them, and the friend character can't. That would have made it so that the friend literally can't see the protagonist's struggles. In the end I went with the simplest option which was "the demon can be as visible or invisible as they want," haha. That was the easiest way for me to tell the story I wanted: the friend can see the protagonist's struggles, she just doesn't want to deal with them.

Thank you so much for the comment!

Thank you! Sorry about breaking your heart a little </3


Thank you so much for the lovely comment!! It makes me really happy to know the story was thought-provoking and meaningful to you. I'm also glad you got End 3 first because that's the "true" ending, the ending I was hoping players would gravitate towards.

The story is (very) loosely based on things I've experienced or witnessed in my own life. I relate to all three characters, to be honest. The game is kind of a letter to my past self who was always wrapped up in anxiety and felt like I was ruining my own life with my actions. It's a reminder to myself that I'm in control of my own life and it doesn't matter if others disapprove of my choices. It's my life and I'm allowed to want what I want.

You're absolutely right with your interpretation - the story is about accepting and loving all parts of yourself, even the parts that are scary to others (and maybe even yourself). Haze is a character on their own, but they're also kind of an allegory for depression/other struggles with mental health. Something dark that perhaps doesn't scare you, but you know it would scare others if they knew, and it can become this big secret you need to keep hiding. But really what both you and your struggles need most is acceptance and understanding. That's the message I wanted to send, I guess. To accept all parts of yourself, because pretending they're not there won't make you happy. I think you described it more eloquently than I did. :D

Thanks again for the comment, it made me feel like I did something right. :)

Wow, that was raw and beautiful. You can tell the story means a lot to the developers, they knew exactly what they wanted to say with this game. I have a feeling I'm going to keep thinking about this story for a very long time. Thank you for making this game!

Thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it, I put a lot of love into it. 

Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm so happy you took the time to play through all the endings. Although End 3 is the "main" ending I totally have a soft spot for End 2 - it was my favorite to write.

It was hard to balance the demon's blunt nature and affection towards the protagonist, so it makes me especially glad to hear the balancing act worked out. There was originally going to be even more philosophical chat but I had to cut some of it out due to time constraints. </3

Thank you again!

I'm happy and a bit surprised you liked all characters! Thank you so much. <3

Thank you! Ahahaha... *sweats*

I loved how EVERYTHING is just so over-the-top gothic, including every little piece of the GUI. The attention to detail also shows in things like blurring the background when a character steps closer to the player character. It's a very polished game!

End 2 caught me completely off guard, I don't know how I didn't see it coming but it was a great experience! I still feel a bit rattled in a good way. I'm glad I checked this game out.

This was so fun! I loved the cool camera work and the characters' cute little "voices" and I also found an Easter egg, and..!

I can't even pick a favorite ending, they were all fitting and gave me mixed feelings in a good way. One of them in particular made me smile at first but a few seconds later I was like "...Wait a minute! Oh no!!" I loved it.

This was a thrilling read! As someone who's played the original UAN, it was interesting and also heart-breaking to see how Nick's character has evolved between the games. I loved all the detailed descriptions of his appearance and mannerisms and everything - together with the very expressive sprites he really comes across like a real person. The eerie music really helps, too!

I also liked the newly introduced characters a lot. It was smart to have someone other than Nick as the narrator - we got to see what a "normal" person sees when they interact with him. I mean, I already knew that man is a mess, but it was honestly scary to see just how big a mess he is (/has become).

I can't wait for your next game! I hope you all know you're making amazing stuff.

Wow, thank you for the thorough comment! I'm glad you had a good time with the game. I also would have loved to add more sound effects and have custom backgrounds, but there was no time.

I've never played D&D so I'm not familiar at all with its creatures. I'm sure I was subconsciously inspired by some other designs, though, as it's hard to avoid that. Oh! I think I stole the eyes from the yahg species from Mass Effect. I wanted the demon to have small eyes so that they wouldn't appear too cute, haha.

I'm really happy you picked up on the fact that the demon may not necessarily even be a demon! They never said they were. Perhaps the human characters just like to make assumptions.