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The art is very pretty and the simple but effective gameplay hooked me right away! I've also found the music playing in my head multiple times since I played the game, it's quite cozy.

Aw, I know this has multiple endings but the one I got felt so perfect I don't want to play again. (I might though.) I really appreciate how much attention was paid to the sprite's expressions; even when no words are being said you can tell what Zeke's feeling.

That was fun! So many options. The whole thing feels so different depending on the choices you make.

I loved everything about this. The main menu alone has a really compelling atmosphere, and that's before the game even begins. And the voice work is just amazing as always! Wow.

(I want to play DE so bad)

I'm so upset!! But in a good way. That was an interesting experience and the art is really cool!

I absolutely loved this! Even though the story doesn't shy away from conflict and darker topics, it still manages to be heartwarming all the way through.

Both of the main characters feel like real people with their own voices and nuances. It helps that their sprites are really expressive and always in tune with the dialogue. I also loved how nothing about Yrsa and Uribel's relationship felt forced - it just made perfect sense that they'd fall in love. I'd recommend this game for anyone who enjoys a good romance!

Yeah, the janitor (Rika) is the protagonist of the series, but this first "episode" has a different narrator. :) Thanks for the interest!

Yay, thank you so much! And thanks for teaching me how to do the snow effect in the first place - saved me a lot of time. 

Hey, glad you liked it! Thanks for playing the whole series so far. I'm happy the characters come across relatable - if I had to pick one thing I want to get right, it would be that.

That's good feedback! I see what you mean about the backgrounds and the punctuation - I should be able to do something about them when I get around to updating the game eventually. Thanks again!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the narration style. I found it challenging to find a balance between over-explaining and not explaining enough, so it's good to hear it worked out! The next chapter will be out by the end of the year!

So what you're saying is... it's all his fault. :)

Thanks again for the super thorough review! I really appreciate the effort that must have gone into it. <3 I noticed you were left with some questions... Hmm, I wonder if they'll be answered in a sequel?

I liked this! Despite being genuinely spooky, it's also funny and heartwarming at the same time. I didn't read the page, so on first playthrough I had no idea the event order was randomized - the scene transitions were so natural I couldn't tell at all. Really neat!

What a thorough design process! You can see where the inspiration came from but she's still such a unique, distinctive character. I'm really looking forward to seeing her in action when the VN comes out! With a personality like that I have a feeling she'll be a fascinating protagonist.

You make it sound like I'm incredibly talented at planning a story but you have no clue how frequently I overhaul this series's plot and scramble to patch it back together! Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D Thank you!

To be honest some of my designs are basically bootleg versions of Star Wars aliens but I do try to make them interesting! Heck yes, emotional investment is my goal.

Thank you!! Royalty free music is super useful.

This is fun! The dialogue flows really nicely and the art is adorable. The animations really add to the goofy atmosphere, too. :D

Yay, I'm happy the world building is going alright! The next part should have more answers than questions, but I can't promise anything. Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing both of my games! :D Glad you enjoyed. There's more coming, sooner or later! I'm too fond of my characters to stop.

The characters' interactions felt so realistic, as did their individual journeys. Like, I kept thinking "Oh yeah, it makes sense she'd feel that way in that situation," and that's a good thing!! The pacing was great, too. Love this story.

Here's a short free game if there's room! Thank you for organizing this bundle.

I came here for home renovations but stayed for My Cellar Romance. Nice!

Thank you! I'm glad (and sorry) that my attempt at creating an unsettling atmosphere was successful. :) If it makes you feel better, the MC's life might improve in the eventual sequel! ...Might. No promises.

Ridiculous! I loved it. I especially like that the podium is part of the senator's sprite... It brings me joy to imagine that when he goes on his little rampage, he furiously swings the podium around as he walks.

Hnnnn this got me all emotional. ;_; So simple but there was a lot of nuance. Great choice of music, too!

Ohoho, this is a thrilling premise! I like how everything looks so clean in-game and how peppy the music is despite the sinister themes. :D Would love to see more of this setting~

This was fun! At first I was disappointed my desired name did not fit in the name field... But soon I realized that being referred to as "Darth Plagueis the double u" by the computer voice was even better than what I'd had in mind.

I didn't expect it to end like that!! How neat. I also liked the sprite - the lack of animation fits the character perfectly.

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Yay, such a fun story! I liked the narration style, it did a great job at getting the player to understand the protagonist. And the art style/quality was super consistent!