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You have to bring Rinny with you and talk to mob near the gate, then Rinny will fly while carrying you. 

As for date with Rinny will unlock after you complete her route

Can I know the cowgirl location ? I found 3 in Ark City, 1 in Slump, 1 in Transylvania, and 1 in Forest

Thank you

I see... Thank Youu...

Do I just pick from the Tree? Or how ?

Thank you

And where can you found a Golden Apple ??
Thank You

How many cowgirl and bull you found in LD+ 18.1 ?? 
Thank You 

It's just some of my opinion (desire) but Hey Indivi! will you make it so that we can get pregnant by the bull ?? 
Thank You...

Yup, but I didn't found the cowgirl I mean... Thank you

Thank you, but I can't find the cowgirl in forest though...

Can I know where you found it ??

I already search it everywhere but I didn't found it

Thanl you

Go to Science Lab Tower

Thank you...

Sorry, I’m forget, I play in windows...

Hi indivi, I want to delete all my save file, to start new game. Can you guide me to do that, 'cause I'm afraid that I will accidentally delete the game's part... Thank You...

I'm a little forget, but if I'm correct, 

1. In "The Rock" (Bathroom) / New Ark City

2. In" 24Hr Get Fit!" / New Ark City

3. In "Gentlemen's Club" / New Ark Slump

3 from start, then you searching 3 more, then 3 bulls

I Already do that tho... anyway, thank you for answering

I See thank you... I just play this one while waiting the Plus one update come... thank you for the awesome game... I really love it... 

You're Welcome (^V^)/

Where canI get Desert Map II or can you tell me ??

what should I do so I can have that ? 

Bring Rinny with you

#I'm sorry if this will spoil the fun, but I won't tell the the exact location...

For the cow event (What I call it). You can :

1. Find the cowgirls in :

 a. Transylvania/Graveyard

b. New Ark City

c. New Ark Slump (For this one you have to buy all the cowgirls merchandise? for 3 times.)

2. After that you have to talk to Bell and she will ask you to invite the Bulls

3. For the Bulls, you can find them in New Ark City/Slump 

I see, thank you very much 

sorry but, what's Marin's route ? I just play this game two days ago, so I don't really understand the plot quest...

Yeah already found it, and can you give me some tips to go the island ? I can't get the guard move ? and always get bad end in gallery... thank you very much

And I can't find Charles even after doing profesor quest

please help? I can't access Island from gallery in upper new ark... I already see wiki... but the guard didn't move ?? I always get Bad End...

Hi! I really love this game... I just want to ask, is "Lil Shop o'Horror" can be accessed  in this version or not? I'm really curious to that shop...