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Crybaby HORROR

A member registered Jan 04, 2019

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all in the Hatch-one on the lift and one Somewhere In that room as well I hope this helps :3 

was amazing game I Actually got all the keys so that was cool....but can not wait to play the full game so bad....did Find a couple of Bugs in it like is any way to Get Infinite Bear traps and the The other trap...yes it was amazing Box coin rolling was so not fun lol 😅 I all ways get Nothing and have to keep Loading my old save back try again and again....but yes looking forward to this one so much now 

Okay I got to say I just been playing it amazing game so fun I hope you do lot Unlikable weapons in it for like Beating hard in Full version I so in love with this game so much Halloween Challenges are really hard but fun I so want to get better at it.....and yes thank you for message me back I been sick so I not really been online much 

Hi I been trying to play your game but can not see Demo anymore I what to see if my pc can fun it all okay.....and it look really amazing as well