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very cool phaser! fun little experience and definitely the best bagel making game ive ever played. loved the story told in news bytes. my first round was a mess but by the second round i understood how to make a bagel. by the third round i was super good at making bagels. i enjoyed learning the controls intuitively. theres something here imo because the dystopian modern story interwoven with bagel making was chilllllll

I like elements of this game and think it shows ambition. elements of this were pretty cool, im making my own phaser 3 game and i especially like your intro screen, i love the pixel scene and rain effect. some synthwave would make this intro scene pop!

you might never want to work on this game again but i think it would benefit greatly from music! also i quit playing during the pretty hard get to your desk puzzle and i dont want to sit through the cutscenes to that point to try again but i would if i could!

enjoyed this, resonates a bit. for the limitations of the jam its well done. enjoyed your dev log which had valuable information to consider when choosing technology to make a VN. feel it could really be expanded into something cool outside of the restrictions of the jam, so i vote for another 5-10k words added onto this where you either successfully romance cilantro or piss her off :)