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Hey Harry!

Thank you very much for the video, we had so much fun watching it!

Keep up the great work!

Hello Koori,

Thanks for your feedback!

We weren't aware of the rating guidelines, and we'll make sure to put everything you said on the pipeline!

Best regards!

We just released a version of Dead Zombie Land on GameJolt!
You can get it here:

Thanks again for everything!!

We are incredibly thankful for the gameplay video! It's funny, well created and completely great! Thank you very much!

We're currently working on uploading to gamejolt, probably some time this week it will be available there as well!

Again, thanks, we'll make sure to post on our networks about you and your channel!

hello! Thanks for the feedback, we're aware of it and already uploaded a new fixed version!

Thanks for your appreciation!

We've made the game using the Unity engine!