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Storm crow descending, Winter unending.

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Yes, I do, thanks for following up! The whole Coronapocalypse Pandemic thing has just slowed me down in getting my playtest packages out to go, I've needed to prioritize more immediately paying work over this.

Thanks, Slayer! Unfortunately, this is on hiatus until I'm in less dire straights financially, because this wasn't going to be a commercial project (it can't be, because the soundtrack is full of music I don't own or have the legal right to use).

However,THIS, my current active project, is currently seeking alpha testers, if it appeals to you at all. Hit me up if you're interested (place in the credits, free copy of the commercial game/games before they're released to the public).

This is awesome and you are awesome.

This is f**king amazing, man! I bookmarked this long before you were someone I'd actually spoke to on RMW lol. Anyway, I will totally use these if I ever get inspired to do a retro style project. This has such a great retro vibe to it.

(Your "marketing" text is delightful and hilarious.)

this is a gorgeous page btw

and u...DON'T...want money...for this? *scratches head*