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Had a lot of fun

Thank you very much!

I have a question if I'm using  a keyboard how do I do L1 and R1 buttons.
I can't seem to find, I do know Q and E are for L2 and R2 though

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Welp I am always dead and I know I'm dead there is no way I'd hit three points


I am dead that simple

I've always known that

"Heck yeah!"


man this mirror is pretty funny.

Alright thanks for tellling me about that upwards dash, I finished the game. The hardest must be the Kiara upwards dash I did not feel very confident.

I was very surprised by Gura, Calli and Ina's abilities.

Infinite jumps, summoning a wall you can climb on, and a useless scythe (for now)

I give up and I hate that I couldn't even play the rest of the girls. Also, I think that part there is impossible since you can't blink twice using Kiara
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If I'm correct not all the vtubers are present right but it seems like the strategy is very interesting.

I personally think summon type cards that can be easily buffed is the overpowered strat (Mainly Watame's summon of [Haste] sheep which allows for the first attack)

Anyways, yeahhh

Edit: Nevermind, Furukami Barrier Strat also works...

It won't load for me in firefox or chrome

Wow this is amazing

I like the beats and I'll try harder! Truly a waku waku game!

If anyone is wondering the controls appear when you already start the game in the menu screen.

Z - Confirm

X - Back

Tab - Config (even more control keys)

Also this is a very impressive game 

Very scary indeed 

Moonpong is very nice game, i will give a warning to those who have epilepsy though, that's all

I had trouble with one line which was Marine related, Ahoy! Something something it was too long and I pressed random letters on the keyboard 

I didn't really know who to pick but I picked Ina first, and it had like the most horrible heart break when she was going to the usual room yeah...

Then I picked Calli, then Gura...honestly they both have their own shockers

Woah that was bit suprising I didn't expect to get killed right off the bat at Level 1 XD....but I guess it was my fault too, in my 2nd try I figured out Suisei also has a special power that be activated with a spacebar

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Edit: Woah that was a shocker, I mean I was thinking that's what happened but really though...I almost got convinced by the other scenarios

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DRIS part? Sorry I don't know what that is, but what I can understand from what you said due to the agitation from the other characters and the atmosphere the MC can get extremely annoyed and call people "peasants" alright I guess.

Edit: Nevermind I remember I talked about DRIS, I remember now, I see it's a good template for controls after all

Has some interesting things here and there, for upcoming scenes I'm hoping for the Eyeball headmaster to include some interesting motives to give some reactions to the characters.

I am also hoping you include some element of unity for the characters such as a goal to escape, like the "Darkness" in their surroundings being some sort of dangerous disease that mentally burdens their mind and energy, and give it some set date like 30 days...
"Participants, you are free to live in peace and harmony and not kill anyone, but I would like to inform you this whole've noticed didn't you?

"Noticed what?"

"Lack of windows?"

"No no, the overwhelming feeling of fatigue, the lack of light, the Darkness"

"Cut to the chase, creepy eyed freak!"


"Then I'll tell you, the Darkness will steadily eat away your minds, and it will leave you no energy to think or feel anymore, it will eat away your past memories"

"T-that's....the same as killing us!"

"On the contrary, at least you'll live right?"

MC: "This has gotten...very head feels like it's in a rush...uh...get it together!"

MC: "We need to work together to escape this place, if we don't....The Darkness will be what kills us instead!"

Everyone's faced twitch to her words in realization, the least concerned ones showed no reaction as always, will this be enough to get them moving...

"Oh another thing, [reveals token]"

A shiny object is revealed.

MC: "What's this"

"This will be the next motive, those who can find 10 of these tokens can escape this place without killing anyone, however..."

MC: "However, what?"

"....I won't say it for now, but it will be unfavorable for the others if the traitor does get their hands on the 10 tokens"

MC: ....


Anyways in regarding to the rules well the rules haven't been revealed yet so I don't really know what the specifics are for this danganronpa game but what we do know is.

1. There will be a trial held if someone is killed.

2. Everyone needs to oust the killer or else mostly everyone dies.

3. If the killer wins, they can get 1 or 2 people with themselves. (3 traitors)

That's pretty much what's established for now.

For the MC's personality I'm quite confused, I think the MC is a very humble person, since they approach everything quite professionally if required, and they are quite emotionally expressive when being conversed with but there's one thing that bothers me there is a 180 degree line she said that talks about others being "now I need be here 2 more hours with these peasants".... the other lines are fine though.

The other characters are just starting so I have nothing much to say about them but I hope you do well in introducing them!

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Actually that is mimicking, but there's nothing wrong with that, since mimicking artstyles is actually one of the largest things anyone would ask for from a person since they can adjust easily. I would even dare say, I respect mimicking artists because of their prowess at it.

Yeah I completely agree, I would even dare say I'd like to talk with a person who can mimic artstyles proficiently than someone who is talented at artstyles/

The question is, can anyone even mimic an arstyle I wonder >_>

This Kat looks mighty fine to me

Very nice

Very great game 5 stars

I'm so hyped in getting the word document, especially cause I'm a novel reader

very solid game

I don't understand

Very nice

oh it was 2 days ago <_<

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Bro please add a Load and Save Function

Anyways, with that out of the way thank you its an amazing game that talks a lot about the philosophy of people, and the addition of Dante Inferno a favorite book of mine

It's an interesting game but I don't know the game ended lol.

7 of the endings are just quick deaths with no reinforcement on the mystery of the story.

Anyways, the Murderer(Dad of Anna), speaks a little bit, first they say they did it to save Red.

Red is an emotionless soul of a human, to trigger some emotion in her, the Murderer had to kill the Mother who is main source of lack of emotions. 

not my words but a youtuber who I subscribed said he was really interested in the middle but it fell short in the ending because it was too detailed and it didn't get straight to the point. Who knows maybe some people can't handle wordly content