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Thank you very much! :)

glad to hear it :)

Thank you!! :) Yeah the reload animation is long, but its, almost, true to the lore around the pistol. But there are more and better weapons to find ;)

There should be a option for that in game, but you can also fix that in the config

Fun little game! Most satisfying minigun ever

Great job on the 2d art!! Love it :D

Thank you very much!! :)

new update, difficulty tweaks!

you can now download! :D

Thanks, it got deleted by accident when i was gonna upload a New update.. I think the voting is over soon, then i can upload

Update is on its way! :D Ive reduced the enemy damage to the player.  Yeah there is a trick, you gotta time the attack, and move back, because the melee enemies will instantly hurt you when near. 

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Thanks!! :D Yeah I might have gone all Dark Souls in this. If you time your attacks while moving back, you should be ok :D Update is coming very soon! :) 

Thanks for playing;D Yeah I will tweak the difficulty a bit!

Cool looking game! Looking forward to the updates :)

Thank you!! :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you!

Creepy game! I like the style of it, but could need some improvement here and there . I miss a little variation in the enemy types and weapons. The zombies felt a little bit bulletspongy.

Cool game! I like the style and design of the guns and enemies :) First level is a bit weird, but enjoyed the indoor levels.

Fantastic game, love everything about it! I actually felt i was playing on the Amiga again :D Hope to see more updates and projects from you in the future!

Minimalistic and stylish visuals, i dig it!! Unfortunately it crashes for me one the second level when going up some stairs

haha, please, make the Room :D

Olá, que bom que gostou do jogo! Vou terminar o jogo assim que tiver tempo! :)

Thats great, no problemo !! :D

When loading my save, headbobbing and freelook turned on. 

This game was awesome!! Great job

Thank you for the nice review! :) Really appreciated. Not happy with the map at all, so i might update that soon. And as mentioned earlier, really want to expand on the game aswell, but we will see in time. Have some funny ideas :D

If you liked this game, i recommend trying my other game called, Evil Plush 3d :D

Yeah there is some easter eggs! ;) Thank you, i really want to expand the game, but EFPSE are little bit limited to what my ideas are atm. So we will see. 

haha didnt you hear the "puke sound" when approching the red mushrooms ? :D Thank you for the nice review! 

Thank you! Yeah the map is a bit of a maze right now.

I really dig your sprite graphics!! This game looks and plays amazing. I couldnt find any keys tho, busy screaming in fear because they wouldnt stay dead haha

Yay! Thank you so much :D How was the difficulty, easy, hard or ok?

wow, whats going on here? Not seen that bug before

Awesome! Thanks for playing :D

Cool looking game, but 50% of the time my shots didnt hit the enemies

BUG fixed. I think. Ive reuploaded

Ouh, I must tweak that. Tnx!

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haha :D 

Tnx man! Cool gameplay vid, stay tuned for the update coming soon :D

Thankyou! So happy to hear you like it. Im currently working on the full game now😁 Will update under devblog