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Cool idea and a fun short game!
Really good artwork as always!

Would love to have more than one attack animation
Not so much 90s nostalgia for me

Thank you!! :)

thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much again!! :)

Thank you!

awesome work!! :)

Oh wow what, thank you! I will dm you on discord

Awesome, thank you!! :D

Thank you very much, glad you liked it :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Looks very cool!! But I have problems with playing. The mouse is weirding out

tnx mate!

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you mate!! Im a big fan of your work so this means alot :D

Coolest and best game Ive played in this genre ever!! I become the new Lord of the flies!

Oh damn, really? So cool to hear that mate

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Oh sry bout that. Ive been using winrar since  forever. Ill add a zip as soon as im allowed to🙂

Awesome, tnx!! 

Thank you!! 😎

Awesome to hear! Thanks!!

Thank you! :D

Wow thank you very much! :D Now i want a plushie too

Thank you for good feedback!! I agree 100% with the level design, I planned adding different texturing, but due the short time and most of the work went into making sprites :D Sorry bout the flashlight haha

Thank you! :D

Tnx! :D

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much! :D

thank you!!

Tnx and really fun gameplay to watch!! :D

Tnx! :D

CoOl, lemme know what you think :)

Thank you for playing and for good feedback! I will definetly fix some of the stuff you mentioned after the voting :)

Thats awesome to hear, thank you!! 😁

Thank you!! 😁

thank you man!! :D

Thnx!! :D

Great fun like all the other games in the series!! :D

Thank you very much! :)

glad to hear it :)

Thank you!! :) Yeah the reload animation is long, but its, almost, true to the lore around the pistol. But there are more and better weapons to find ;)