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Got to day 155 on SQEASY after a few tries. WOW did those invasions suddenly make things super hard super fast!

One thing that I find odd is the game's tone; it seems to be going for humor, but the horror is played straight enough that it sort of overrides it. I imagine you're aiming for Cookie Clicker's tone, where the insanity and horror is just in the metaphorical and literal background. I'd say to tune down the SPOOKY effects and music to make the tone a little less oppressive.

Nice work!

And an additional random two notes!

Did you make the low health beeping synch with the boss battle theme so it's EXACTLY on beat? Because if you didn't, you should. It made something annoying into a BOP.

I could have sworn every random, generic jack-in area had one blue Mystery Data in a corner. But I couldn't find any. Is that just a demo thing?

Also, I have to give shoutouts to those amazing 3D battle transitions and intros. The way they go from overworld to the battlefield and back is so cool. The boss intros are almost perfect except that pesky camera clip that can be seen for a couple seconds; those are hard to fix and not your fault. I want to see more of this stuff!

Great work on the remake! All I can really complain about are knit picks:

-This first one MAY be a glitch, but it seems so freeing that it may be a feature. Usually you can EITHER pick chips with the same exact name OR with the same letter. It seems that in scenarios where you have a * code chip, you can choose chips with the same name AND said * code chip.  For me, I noticed it with Cannon A, Cannon C, and Shotgun *. Worth a look.

-I see from the screenshots on this page that you have a Shotgun * set as a Regular Chip, but I can't quite seem to find out how to set one in-game. Usually it'd just be pressing Select on the GBA, but here I have no clue.

-There seems to be a number of L and R button functionality missing. Usually you can use them to page through the chip folders, but here they don't do anything. Also missing is the ability to press R in battle when hovering over a chip to see it's description.

-There generally seems to be a few frames of delay on everything than I remember, whether that be on virus deletion, Megabuster startup, the reward screen, the sword attacks, and such.

-I feel like some of my button inputs get eaten up sometimes by the dialogue system and menu prompts. I'm not sure if it's because I'm pressing a few frames too soon or too late? Sometimes I end up skipping text because I pressed a button too soon rather than have it instantly complete as expected. Other times I press a button to no response. It mostly seems to be in menuing in general.

-WOW those walk and run animations are awkward. They may have looked about the same in the original, but boy does it really show in 3D. Megaman's run animation is the best, but his pose/balance when running is still oddly stiff. Do his boots squeak? I feel like they are. The awkwardness of all the animation stems from how stiff everything above the knees are; there's no weight in their stride.

-The text in the rewards screen looks rather squished and tall. The font's otherwise fine with some weird exceptions like the "9" that looks like a "g" and it's counterpart "6"; the random corner really messes with the usually rounded aesthetic.

-Have the cannon enemies' targeting retical  always done damage on contact? I could have sworn it needed to lock onto you first, delay, and *then* fire. This leads to weird scenarios where you take damage from a cannon  that has already been deleted, but it's retical is still going down the field.

-I could have sworn Guard reflected the damage blocked as a shockwave rather than just be a brief invincibility window. I know that made the chip SUPER busted, but it was always a fun one to use. Here nothing happens on impact.

-This is bad with Gutsman in particular, but there's this weird delay between when he hammers the ground and when the damage shockwave comes out. That shockwave comes out waaaaaay too late and it looks so janky because of it. The same applies to the Mattaurs, but not as badly.

-The Spooky virus' tongue seems to damage you even before they even reappear to attack you, which is rather jarring.

-The Mettaurs also could use a more contrasting drop shadow; right now they seem to be floating over the ground rather than just be ON it.

Don't let this ALL this text discourage you, though! The reason I was able to even notice all these little things was because I was otherwise so wrapped up in the headspace of what felt like playing the official games! These small knitpicks were just the little reminders that reminded me what I was playing. :P

Keep up the great work! 5/5 from me.

I love your other card games and have been playing them nonstop for days each. If you're still developing them, I have a chunk of suggestions for them.

I just got off a Mind Cards binge when I saw this come up on your profile! But for whatever reason, this doesn't grab me the same way your other games did.

Perhaps it could be the lack of persistent progression? This game can end rather uneventfully and lead you back all the way to the beginning with nothing to show for it. While your other games can commonly end with scenarios where defeat is guaranteed, here it tends to be more demoralizing since the number of options we have are extremely limited. We get a random set of starter cards and get one card out of a random set of four, and aside from that we don't have any input about how things go. It's hard to strategize.

The type of play is also quite limited since it's basically colors as the only mechanic. Not a lot of differences in kind to keep things interesting.

Nice work! The game was a pretty solid game from top to bottom! My only complaints are that the main exploration music didn't feel very in line with the game's world (boss fight music was good, though!) and that there are sometimes dead inputs when trying to move quickly in different directions (notably in the final boss fight). Gameplay was very intuitive, and you worked well with the limitations you had!