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Thanks a bunch, Adam. I'll see what I can do, and also what I feel like doing, once I've fixed the game's bigger bugs.

Hi. Thanks a ton for the response, and yeah, I absolutely agree with you as to the lack of clarity and feedback with whether you're on the right track (which doesn't help when the randomisation can really screw you over).

I think large parts of the issues are relics of this being intended as a game jam game (all of the icons and callers were created during the 48 hours of the game jam), and I'd have absolutely tried to redesign or fix them if I'd intended on spending more time on this. So, I may try to fix them when I'm fixing bugs over the coming week? I'll have to see, since this game was meant to be done with a fair while ago... Part of it is definitely that the game's core design is intrinsically flawed, but when speaking to my friend about this stuff, I was considering coming up with an algorithm to check that you're on the right track, as well as a couple of new sound effects to go along with it (I think my main concern was just the time it'd take, and I had to get the game sorted before the weekend).

But yeah, I really appreciate the feedback, and again, I super agree with you (I've had pretty long discussions with a friend about the things you brought-up, too). Thanks for putting the time into writing this, for trying the game, and for the encouragement. Have a solid day, and take care.