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E Bros Entertainment

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Thanks for the encouraging comment! No, it is not a dead project yet. We are just hung up on some development decisions, along with just life getting in the way (since this is a side project for us, nothing professional). As of now, here is where we stand:

- We are in the process of shrinking the assets down to about 50% and simplifying the animations. We think this will actually enhance the ninja style and feel of the game, plus have the benefit of making the game run better on flash, making it more accessible.

- We are also working on how exactly we want the game to work. Our current idea is this: the player will start out fully powered up with a basic attack, a slower power attack that instantly kills but has to recharge, and a bunch of hit points. The theme will be self-sacrifice and self-denial (sort the ascetic ninja or mystic warrior monk idea), so in order to progress in the story, there will be key moments where the player will have to give up some aspect of their character's power (maybe health, or attack damage, or energy recharge time). The player chooses what to give up, but he or she will have to give up something to go on to the next chapter. In this way, the end of the game will be much harder than the beginning, even though the enemies don't necessarily get any tougher.

- Our original idea was a big expansive world, but we are having trouble finding time to develop that. Thus, our new goal is the make a "string-of-pearls" kind of game, with 3 chapters or so, each of which will have room for exploration and some optional material, but will ultimately follow a main plot line. Then, we will turn our attention toward making more games in the same world, maybe using procedural generation to make a large amount of playable content (maybe a 10KD 2, for example).

Hopefully this summer we will have time to make these ideas reality. Thanks again, and check back with us for updates!

Hello Itch Community,

We just wanted to touch base about where development stands on this game. Our long-term goals are still the same: we want to build a big diverse world for the player to explore and interact with, and we want to develop a narrative in which the player has meaningful choices to make. We are currently working on how to accomplish those goals within a reasonable time frame and with the resources we have. In the interest of iterating lots of interesting and attractive areas to explore, we are currently planning and designing a library of assets that we can combine in different ways to make unique locations. To keep the on-screen environment fresh and alive, we are thinking that most of our assets (at least, the objects in the world with which the player can interact) ought to be rendered and animated in 3D, then converted to the 2D spritesheets that our game engine uses (we are building this game in Stencyl, which is 2D only). Currently, only the characters (player sprite and enemies) are rendered in 3D, but our current plan is to add things like trees, furniture, etc. to that list, while still maintaining the hand-painted look of the environments. Hopefully, we'll have some samples up soon.

Finally, we would love any feedback from those of you who downloaded and played the demo (thanks, by the way!). What do you think? How is the gameplay and the UI? Is it fun? Any suggestions or problems?


E Bros Team