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thank you but when you said the sensitivity is too high do you mean the player movement or camera/mouse movement? or even both?

thank you, yes it's bad this is my first 3d game

thanks for telling

yup hella fun especially the last level got my brain smoking a bit

thank you

oh yeah I guess it didn't look too obvious but the summoned ones have blue eyes and the enemies have red eyes

nice implementation of the tutorial and I love the art style

It's so challenging nice game

I can't run it

I almost didn't make it 😤

good to hear that 😁 thanks for playing 🤸‍♂️

thanks 👍👍👍👍👍

thank you 🙏

yes, he does 🤣🤣

I cleared it all 😤 you should port this into a mobile game! it's a great puzzle

thanks! I thought I already fixed that bug 🤦‍♂️

thank you I was considering it, but then I thought it will be too easy, but thank you again for the feedback

Thanks! it's a shame that you can't see the ending, I need to be better at math lol

great idea! I managed to clear all 10 levels

glad you finished it! I was worried nobody will

Praise Tomathotep!

yeah, you're right it's because the background width is as wide as the camera width. So I actually need to make the background wider I didn't think of that, thank you for the feedback.

I see maybe you can make a counter of each colour so if one colour counter reached 8 then that colour won't be randomly selected again

I never find a green gun so I can't finish it :(

when I reached the portal or the swirly thing, It just spawn me back to the beginning. Is it a bug?

Thank you could be a lot better if I had more time haha

Love the parchment! really fit in my game theme, so I used it for my game demo here

LOVE the look of this UI! so I used it for my game demo here

your sprites are top tier! I used three of them which are the Huntress, Wizard, and Martial Hero 2 for my game demo here

this character is really great! made me want to make a game about it. Actually, I already did and this is the demo: I really love this character.

Hi Anokolisa, your tilesets are really good! I used two of them so far for my game demo here

Hi, I used one of your music which is the "Bittersweet Anthem" for my game demo here the music is wonderful.

Hi, your music is great! I used one of them which is the "Memorable Beginning" for my game demo here

I'm dying inside

CUTEEEEE don't care even when I messed up