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Really fun overall. Each mini game was creative and ambiance was great as well. 

Took about 20 tries to get it. A couple games are heart-stealers on fast mode (e.g. scream, that damn M!) but overall good balance of fun vs challenge.

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Same here, trying to figure out the best perks. I love that some completely screw you, while some are OP when used correctly. I'd pay for this game.

Find any other games like this?

1:35 blew my fing mind.  This is what Skyrim wished it could look like.

Look forward to the final game!

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. This was SO amazing.!

The sounds, the rain effects, the models, animation, trees blowing in the wind.

Kudos to you. Made me realize how awesome a modern remake of this movie would be.

Nostalgia. Don't listen to the haters.

Great atmosphere and art style!

Almost couldn't finish it b/c the low FOV was killing me, but really glad I did.

The animation on the "monster" is amazing. Love the GTFO style freak-out as well. Was that motion captured?