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I think you have the wrong description on this.

Edit: I just realized I should be more specific. I meant the first line has Wear and Tear on it. I was confused at first when I was looking at the description and then I saw that there's another supplement on your page called Wear and Tear.

I'm not sure what to say, except this is art. Thank you for the laugh and the well-deserved shade!

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I love what I'm seeing from this game so far, but I'm having an issue with viewing the printer-friendly version on an e-ink device - I did try the regular pages version to see if it had the same issue and it does on a different page, but is overall much more difficult to read on a black-and-white device.

On the page titled "Exploration", there is a black square over the upper right corner of the page when viewing on my e-reader - with the exception of the chunk that has the graphic of a taped bit of paper going through part of it - though not when viewing it on my phone. When I looked at that same page in the regular pages version of the pdf, it shows a ring like a spilled mug might show, though that doesn't appear to have a square-shaped part of the graphic. But maybe it's confusing enough to the e-reader that it can't figure out how to display it. There's a black rectangle in the pages version on the "Reagents Explanation" page, in the middle of the right side, which, again, doesn't seem to correspond to a graphic.

I guess it's probably an issue with how the colors of some subtle graphics are interpreted by the e-reader, which isn't necessarily a bug so much as an incompatibility. Please don't take this as a demand, but I'm wondering if there's any possibility of a version that doesn't have any graphics that overlap the text, or if easier, one without any graphics. I don't really care if there are some pictures here or there that don't display correctly (though all the other images on the printer-friendly version display basically fine) but I can't read the text on the upper corner of the exploration page on that device because of the square.

It's ultimately a want more than a need, because I can pull it up on my phone, but it's a much more comfortable reading experience on an e-ink device due to the fact that it doesn't have any glare and looks essentially like a physical page. I like to do journaling and art at the park or just sitting outside sometimes, so it's a lot nicer to use that.

Regardless of whether or not this is something you can/want to do, I appreciate the work you put into this game, and the fact that you were willing to put it into a bundle that made it affordable for me. Just reading through the booklet has put a lot of story ideas in my mind.

Edit: I went back and looked at the print-friendly version on my phone and realized that the mug ring image isn't on that version, so I'm not actually sure why the e-reader was displaying the exploration page incorrectly - maybe there's some invisible image in the pdf that didn't play nicely? So I'm not sure whether a pdf with fewer images would solve the problem. A text version might, but if that's not something you're able/willing to do, I understand.

I just played through the available acts and I'm really enjoying this! As soon as the princess was introduced I laughed because I had somewhat of an idea of where this was going. I love that she has agency in the story and isn't willing to settle for less than exactly what she wants and should have.

It took me a little to get a read on the main character - his botanical knowledge made me think he'd have more outdoorsy skills, but I guess since he's a prince, most of his knowledge comes from books, tutors, and botanical gardens. He seems like he's got a really good heart even if he's skittish and lacking in practical skills.

I love the theatrical presentation! I did prop-making for our theater group in high school and I'm reminded of the occasional funny prop or scenery failure, and how magical it is to see it all come together, regardless.

I'm looking forward to the next act, whenever it comes out. My sister and I have done some game development and the stuff we've done didn't require anywhere near as many assets or as much writing, but still takes time, so I get that it's not a quick process and can be hard to schedule. I hope you're able to work on it from a place of enjoying the art you're making and not stressing too much about deadlines.

Makes sense! Thanks for the response!

Be still my soft queer heart! I love everything about this game. The inherent queerness, the sense of child-like wonder, the lo-fi meows, the 90s nostalgia, the enviro-punk ethos! I teared up at the end. Well done!

I'm on Linux and a lot of if isn't working right. I'm on Linux Mint 20.3 and using the proprietary nvidia driver. I got stuck at the captcha because it wasn't letting me select the panels.

I then went and watched a lets play and found out there was supposed to be something playing on the screen when you enter the neuraverse. I neither saw nor heard the stuff that plays on entering.

I did see the maze and the jumping puzzle correctly, and the blur effect worked, so some of it does work correctly.

Given the thematic relevance, I'm unsure if this is a bug or expected behavior, but I also couldn't exit the game without tabbing out and closing the window.

Great concept, by the way! I'm afraid you're preaching to the choir, but there's a lot to be concerned about just looking at current social media practices and how they affect people, not even considering how much worse it could get.