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Hey I've spent this week working on your warrior to add her into Stream Avatars! I hope you enjoy my friends love her! looking forward to future characters!

I played it! Hey I've added your character into stream avatars! Hope you enjoy and please drop more assets for me to work on lol!

I'm a big fan of beat em ups so I'm looking forward to this game's completion! Love the character designs and combos setup and that first boss looks like he's gonna pack a punch the only little issue I had was with the motion blur with the camera but other than that you got me as a fan of this project!

Great job on thia game, I'll be sure to check out your other games! Also I had trouble shooting web but that was most likely my fault so I tried my best without it lmao!

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Here you go! Hopefully people will notice this great samurai! I had real fun working on him last night! 

Hey Is it alright if I added your character to stream avatars? 

War Never Changes....

Well At least I finally made it! 

Can't Wait for the Full Release!


What an odd game lol! 

This was  a funny game you guys put together! 10/10 

What an amazing game you have here! I had tons of fun doing my run up the office with the weeb and caffeine addict class! 10/10 for the physics alone!  😂😂😂

I tried my best lol! I'm terrible at platformers... T_T

Sometimes just making a run for it works out just fine.......

This was pretty hilarious! I enjoyed it the many different floors and themes revolving around them! 10/10 with the multiple endings!  


I couldn't make it far but i did have fun for what it was!!!

A Very Stressful Journey!! Great Job!!!

I may have raged but I did it! Omg those levels killed me internally Lmaooooo!

I really did enjoy what you made here!! I'm sad its over lol I was getting used to it! Great job though!

This was pretty funny game lol! good luck on working on this game tho 😄

Thank you that means a lot! 😄


I had a super fun time with this demo! I can't wait for the full release! Mirror is my song so far~ 

The void never looked better 10/10

Hey I forgot to share that I've recorded your game! I hope you enjoy!

Hey I got your message this morning and I wanted to thank you for reaching out to me to try out your demo! It was a ton of fun even though I was getting annihilated. My only complaint would be the flashing lights coming out of the assault rifles and minigun cause i was blinded this morning playing. Sorry I miss the chance to fight the boss I'm not very good at fast paced shooters like doom lol! 

The Chicken was meta!!!


This was a fun game! My question is that were the clones suppose to die at one point cause mine survived the hell I put him through lol!

Getting rejected has never been so hard lol! 

Those tomahawks hurt lmao

This was a really good game! Thank you for making this! 😄

oh no..... lol

 Love the little references you guys put into the game and the disrespect to microtransaction in gaming! Great demo!

I love the atmosphere you made here! I thought the portraits were gonna come out and scare me lmaoooo!