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The amount of stress I felt during that last report will forever haunt me....

What a nightmare! Nice work!

Destroy them me boy

Short and sweet! Glad to have stumbled to this page!

The Fear is slowly returning now

I get this feeling I'm being stared at lol!

Finally made the time to add the Cassie gameplay to my channel so enjoy and thanks for the demo!

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I wanted to add more mech games to my channel so I'm glad I found your demo!

This was pretty insane lmao!

pretty cool sword!

Nothing better than a cozy space fishing game about life!

Can't wait for the full release!

I enjoyed the demo a lot! Keep up the good work with this project!

Oh yea I remember this game I was wondering why it looked so familiar when I was scrolling past it!

Battles were fought. Many were loss but the war never ends! Theses type of games are goofy and fun so I did enjoy the outcomes!

back again for the second version and love the additional stuff you added! I wasnt even expected more in the behind the scenes area but you blew my mind and I'm rooting for you in the development process!

Awesome job you really nailed that Game Boy Color Aesthetic!  Can't wait for the full release~!

Gotta say the fear of the unknown was getting to me at first when I had to walk pass him in the dark hallway but you got the right amount of ambience and rubber duckies to go around lol! 

Amazing as always! Can't wait for the next Kill series!

I really like what's going on with this demo so this has to go on my wishlist!

Maybe it's friendly!

These Stairs did not like me! 

What a wonderful peaceful game! 10/10

Big fan of rail shooter and I love all the effort you put into this so I knew I needed to make a video on it! Great job! 

You really captured the metal slug charm with this game. I was never good at the game but I must say I had fun with this demo and appreciate the pixel art you've done with the sprites! This game is a modern day nostalgic shooter!


Tried out the randomizer and landed on this! I love the art choice in the game and great soundtrack. Also I broke the game numerous times lol!

Big fan of rail shooter horror games so amazing job on this game!

What can I say other than I'm truly invested in this game's lore and excited for a potential sequel because I need some questions answered! Glad I gave this and the full game a chance! 

Had to get my boy George that 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quality Lasagna! This was funny though!

Okay you got me with the jumpscares! 

I gotta say you did a good job tricking me with some of the anomalies cause my memory sucks lmao! Well thank you for reaching out to me to try it I was trying to beat this game so here's my struggle playthrough!

Hey man I'm glad you enjoyed the video! I tend to find bugs by accident while playing games so its pretty funny that you can find some issues you didn't before. I was determined to beating that demo and the flamethrowers were driving me insane but its okay but hey if you reconsidering it I'm 1000% supporting that! I hope it brings more traction your way and I'll be following the progress as well if you ever need a follow up video with new content!

Finally found a time to record this game! Great demo from the earlier version I had! Here's to hoping for a full release!

Great Demo! I'm gonna be buying the game hopefully this week! Amazing job on the atmosphere!

The one thing I learned is you never mess with night shift Ronald or run off with a happy and fall into the void!

Cute Knight  joins stream avatars!!! I hope you enjoy!

Love the ambience you made here! I was getting anxious expecting a lot of jumpscares but man the place is spooky on its own!

Amazing game as always! I;ll be sure to try out the Shrine series as well. FPS castlevania done right! I got lost in the game a lot lmaooo!

Retail hell done right! 

This motivated me to go back to play dead space so thanks for that! Great polygon models you really captured the PS1 style perfectly!