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Don't worry, I am feeling better now, so when I see Harold I feel happiness again, not depression :). So I am ok.

Thank you... Probably I will try to come back again to this game, and now to be happy, not depressed... But I hope we will really meet them in real life.

Just wanted to post another post, I enjoyed whole game and got to the day 22 with Harold, but I cant do this anymore. I felt very depressed when I knew that there are no way you can find that kind of boyfriend in real life. So I wanted to be with him one more day, and just deleted the game with goodbye to him... Thanks for hearing my story, this game is really powerful with love...

Also, where can I get the music of this game?

Thank you so much for this game, this game is the most coolest and greatest, it has very caring and cute dating ways, this is way more better than any other furry gay games. Thank you so much! I appreciate your work.