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Haven't played this in a while (cause I got side tracked), but it's pretty well made and itches my RPG maniac side, and still be a captivated VN. The models are great, and the characters are all unique in their own special ways. And, of course, you have some pretty funny moments and fourth wall breaks. If you're looking for a VN but still want RPG elements, this is a really good game to go for!

There's two things that may solve the problem. The first, is that you might have one enemy left (I had one left and was searching for a good few minutes before finding them), and the other is the your mission log should say to go back to Rida.

I think it's unfinished content at the moment.

HaremCollector_v0.52.2 FINALLY (android). The one that's 527 MB. Or just the third download.

So, I'm stuck on the Tower invasion section. When I have to select the members for the three squads, I can only fill out one squad. It said to press shift to swap between the squads, but pressing it does nothing. Can someone help me on this?

Alright. I have thoroughly played through the game, and have gotten as far as I can in this current version. So, here's my honest review.

The game is pretty good, and gives me some strong Fallout vibes. Although, there currently isn't a whole lot to it. But, the pacing feels pretty good, and the characters are well written. My only gripe with the game right now (technically two, but that's answered in the description of the game). There are some spelling/grammatical errors here and there, but nothing unreadable.

So, having said that, I personally rate this a good 7 maybe 8/10, and that with more content, it will turn out to be really good. I am excited to see how great this will become.

Although I only played it for a short time, it's pretty enjoyable. The game feels smooth (with the exception of the intro, but it might just be my device.)


- Character designs are top notch

- Lewd Scenes all seem hand drawn and look amazing

- Character personalities feel well-rounded.


- There are words that are unnecessarily shorted, like you, really, please, etc.

- You move quite slow, but if you're playing on Joiplay, use the cheat menu and up the speed a little.

- (Just a personal thing to me, maybe some other will get it) Currently the character's gender is neutral, leaving it up to your imagination. However, the MC looks a little odd (I'm sure it might change later), as it looks like a guy with tits. Although, I have a pretty vivid imagination, so I can easily imagine the Character without the stubble. 

Closing Thoughts:

As it is now, it does need some work, but it's currently enjoyable. It'll definitely be an excellent game once it's finished/updated more. You can easily get on board with the story as long as you like the fantasy setting, and the characters are each enjoyable in their own ways.

Great work, I can't wait for more updates!

I played this quite some time ago and absolutely loved it. I can't wait for either more content, or for you to make a remake.

For those looking to download this for Android using Joiplay, here's what to do in a step-by-step guide.

1. Download RAR (it's what I used)

2. Download Android version of game.

3. Using RAR, rename the game file from .rga to .rar

4. Extract game using RAR

5. Place into Joiplay just like other games.

Overwhored community · Created a new topic Can't Start Game

I've downloaded the game and set it up on Joiplay, but it doesn't start. I'm only given a message that says something like "no such directory for Graphics/titles1/title". Please help.

Game is pretty good, although the only thing that confuses me is the "Cheat Menu" option in the menu. I have yet to find any of the supposed cheat codes, nor can you find them online. But, other than that, the game is pretty interesting, from well written characters, a great story and plot, and an entire leveling system to choose exactly what skills you want and which abilities you primarily use.

Alright, I have played a small amount of the game and made a few opinions and suggestions. Let's get opinions out of the way. The game is pretty good with a moderately unique story and plenty of girls for your lewd fetishes. The character models are a little iffy, especially for the MC who looks like both his eyes took a vacation to a different country and forgot to bring him with. The sex scenes are well animated, too, so instead of one or two still images, you get to see all the good bits. Now that my opinions are out of the way, a couple of suggestions. Firstly, make the journal a little clearer on the tasks for the girls. For example, one of the girls has a task (hint) that simply says that she's at her home, but when you go there, they are nowhere to be found. So for that, make it clearer, or a little more detailed, like "on day whatever you can find her at home". My next suggestion is to add some kind of customization to the MC, at least some clothes to buy. And speaking of buying things, put in some more things to do with money. So far, there's donating to the church, buying a 1 trillion dollar house, and spending money on prostitutes. 

But, all in all, the game is pretty decent that should be checked out. Of course, some people might start the game and see how ugly MC at first, but he does look better after the prologue. But still, after that, please the eyes. Good job though.

Based of the description of the game, it seems as though the MC is male. Considering it uses the he/him pronouns.