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Chris Floyd

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Thanks for including it! I'm really glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad the finale was effective for you. I want to add some SFX/music to that moment to really beef up the impact. It's nice to have someone new play the game to encourage me to make some of the improvements I want to make.

Great work! You managed to build a couple really solid puzzles. Lighting the torches was really satisfying, too.

I liked this a lot! You managed to make one of those endings (of the two I found) very creepy, which is tough with Bitsy. Nice work!

Maybe you'd like to check out my game for the Archaeology jam?

Thanks for playing and commenting. I think I know where you got stuck for a bit, and a hint there is a great suggestion. I'm going to put it on my list of future improvements!

I love that you picked this story and I love your approach to telling it.  Very very nice work.

Loved the composition of the environmental fragments around the screen. I got really lucky on my first play-through and stumbled into the right room. Great work!

Ha! Excellent work. Really liked your creature designs.

Great, very original environmental art style. Well done!

Nice work! What is the language of the text? Etruscan?

Loved this reconstruction of a real site! Your approach was delightful and easy to navigate and understand. The stone art drawings were a lovely surprise. Nice work!