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This was a pleasure to play. While the 1 turret limitation may seem harsh at first, it actually fixes what I don't like about most tower defense games, which is the amount of downtime, waiting, and grinding. In this, grinding is much more fun to me because you have threat assessments going on. Can I get the XP in time or do I need to go and move the turret? Excellent. I hope you decide to expand upon this game because I would love to play more!!!

This was enjoyable. Having to choose between multiple modules and only using one at a time is a neat gimmick, and the field has you doing relatively interesting things with it. I would love to see this gimmick further explored!

I think this is a really fun concept, having to take out an army all turn-based like this. It's fun in execution, too! It's a shame there are still a few bugs. I'm also curious if switching pieces took a move, that could add some risk to make things exciting.

I enjoyed the new take on missile command. Having to protect the earth from itself is clever, and the comprehensive movement controls help facilitate this spherical field of vision. I think I would have liked it more if the dark side of the earth was illuminated so I could more accurately see missiles. Thankfully, with those trails, I could at least estimate where missiles were when they were covered in darkness, so it didn't detract too much.

I'm really really enjoying this. The one weapon which kills anyone (including yourself) on contact is really satisfying once you get the hang of it, but there's enough of a risk of losing control to keep it exciting.

This game looks absolutely charming, and I would love to play this. Is it possible you can release a mac OS version for this?