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where's the download

why on a laughing comment

How does your code work? How does it know it has guessed the right password? And is this a bruteforce crack?

The music is not bad

thank you

How long did it take you to make this?

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I've put an open source license in case anyone wants to use this for their learning. I also uploaded an open-source download of the unity project.

Unity 2019LTS and Above Supported.

Wow, amazing game screenshots, whoever did that must be some sort of artist.

As someon that downloaded this, I can say, I got a free nami :)

Paid is not how you should be doing this, especially if you don't show any detail. Shame on you, waste of skill.

Just some improvement ideas

The robot moved a bit too slow, the last level, I just sat there waiting for the robot to finish.

A check for "holding" a crate. On the last level, I had to check if there was a pit in front of the robot to signal that there are no more crates and it worked well, but it would of been more efficient to check if the robot was holding a crate.

Overall, good game for a 72 hour project, don't worry about the improvements, it was just a game-jam game. It was fun.


Decent game

If I'm correct, your skybox is from allsky assets :)

I want to help

no longer dead :)

Good game

- Sandbox Simulator...

Sandbox Simulator...

It could be fun though

dead game

you can extract it with winrar

love the praising chip image

I guess

Hey, could you add a shield device that can be equipped along with the player's gun? Just an idea.

You get a big army, then what. There are no increase in enemy damage or health. Boring.

got this from your video. Thank you.

(7) Making A Commercial Parkour Game! - YouTube

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What, did you say something?