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Thank you for your kind comments and feedback slogume! We hope you will stick around to play Neo-Runner again in the future! 

Thank you sincerely for your kind comments aeaeae_gaming, we appreciate it! We hope you enjoyed playing Neo-Runner and can't wait for you to try it out again when it has been improved upon! 

Greetings PlasticFrames! Thanks for playing Neo-Runner and providing us with some feedback! We appreciate your comments and hope you will play again when the game is updated! 

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Your welcome, was an absolute pleasure to play! Have you tried out Neo-Runner yet? If not, we would appreciate it if you could give us a shot and rating too! :D

Thanks for your feedback tehcmc! We appreciate you for playing Neo-Runner and hope you will play again after we fix the issues you mentioned!

Thanks for your kind comment Lantoob! Thank you for playing and providing us with some valuable feedback! 

Real nice and relaxing game! The style and music fit hand in hand and the gameplay is true to the tower-defence genre. Nicely detailed information regarding each of the enemies and towers. Well done, guys! 

Can't wait to see it more fleshed out! 

Looking forward to see how the game develops in the future! 

Thanks for your feedback JawByte, we are glad you enjoyed playing Neo-Runner! It's a pleasure that our game provides your team with inspiration for future works! 

Very uniquely styled turn-based strategy game! We loved the combination between 2D sprites and 3D environments! The gameplay was fun, and the game mechanics are implemented well! The tutorial is in-depth and easy to follow. The text was slightly difficult to read, and the first floor was a little difficult for the introduction to the game. Great job aeaeae!

WOW! This game is CritHit's fan favourite! The gameplay is so fun and engaging, and the music, sound effects, animation, and level design are simply phenomenal! Senor Banana is a must-play for fans of the platforming genre. The comedic style is original and the character designs are amazing! 10/10. We can't wait to see the future of this game, and you would definitely receive a purchase from us! Great job Banana Folk!

We can't wait to replay the game when you guys have more time to implement audio. BIT was a very enjoyable game! It definitely has potential!

The art style and 3D assets are absolutely astounding! Love the concept of the industry professionals and the level design is great! The gameplay is a little bit confusing, a tutorial to teach the player how to use each card, and what situation they would use each card would have allowed for a better understanding of the game mechanics. Overall, very great job! 

Very good use of lighting and the 3D assets look great! The gameplay is fun (and tense!) and the user feedback helps to understand where the enemy is. Nice puzzle elements and good narrative too! Great job!

Thanks for your comment, jaybart123! We hope you enjoyed playing Neo-Runner! 

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Unique concept and beautifully made models! Gameplay is fun and engaging, however we think that it would be cool if the enemies dropped resources when killed, reducing the amount of time the player has to spend managing workers whilst units are fighting (Or alternatively, auto-farming workers). Unfortunately, no audio was present in the build (Even after re-installing, etc).  Really interesting take on an RTS and we look forward to what it develops into! Keep it up!

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Connor! We are really thrilled that you enjoyed the game! Thank you for your suggestions for improvement, they are super helpful and will be considered in future development! 

The art -style is very unique and eye-catching! (Pun intended). The gameplay is fun, but there is a lack of a tutorial to teach the player how to play. The level design is well-thought out and compliments the game mechanics. Overall good play! 

What a rollercoaster of emotions and gameplay! The artwork is fantastic and the different game modes are refreshing and keep the player engaged at all times. Audio suits the game very well and is not repetitive. Really nice experience! #BrennIsBestBoy.

Super enjoyable experience! We loved that the player has freedom of choice in what they do! The dialogue was written very well and the end was satisfying! Also great replayability value! Unfortunately, we were unable to hear any audio at all, even after running several times :(

Great looking game! Unfortunately due to the web build it's difficult to play. Wish we could have played it more!

Beautiful looking game, love the assets! The player's objective is not quite clear, but the mechanics are still interesting!

Great and consistent art style, love the music and sound effects! Gameplay is fun!

Super fun game! The bosses are well designed and the weapon upgrades are awesome!