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pretty cool horror

so great:)

really liked it 

really good:)

really goodL)

really great one :) 

Such a great game:) i love horror ones 

this was kinda sad.. but good

Such a great game:) 

aww ..loved the graphics and it was intersting

really loved it:)  

I love this :) so scary

hello:)  oh you know me..looking for games to play etc..and you?

how did i miss the full game/games?  pretty great stories ..loved all your games

really loved this:) 

aww i wanted more :) creepy atmosphere

really loved this:) 

really loved it

really good:)

Love it so much:)  i'm a huge fan of horror games 

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this was so good:) 

:) well i liked it..too bad there is no option to run away from the cave lol 

Really loved it :) my favorites collors combination is red/black 

I want part 2 :) very good

really loved it 

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Me : aww this game is so sweet and cute..but i prefer horror ones

5 min  later : nevermind !this is going to be awesome..perfect combination ..

sorry if i can't read..english is not my language

pretty great:) got me scared

really love it

really loved it 

tnx :)) didnt notice it was still on demo

this was so good:) 

Such a great game:) 

Hm i did i LIVE and broke the game? :)) i coudn't finish it..

aww i thought that something bad would happen:)) really loved the game..i wished it would have different endings..

:) aww i wanted more ..good game

Really loved it ..but i think i missed an ending?oh well Kai is super cute lol 

this was really good:)

super :) 

I did get scared :)  good job ..really amazing graphics..but there were some  few things that didn't ad up..(flashlight in the wood shed) too much darkness even if it was daylight ?..can't wait for the full one