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Loved the game:)such a creepy story!

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such a nice game:)
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So cool:) my live lp :)   congrats on the game!

so nice game:)



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love it :)

wow so cute :) i loved it ...

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Liked it:) waiting for the final game..good luck

really good game :)

i    love all your games:)

tnx:)  i'm glad people apreciate your game :) i was not in the mood to play the game again for the other end >.< -i'm so lazy

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finished it :) don't know if it's the good end or a bad one >.< how to achieve the other one?  tnx   or any lp to watch ?i want to see the other ending:)

Hello:) i'm a little stuck..-again- >.< ok..i beat him-done
with all the puzzles-math quest-stange tree-garden- and now i'm home again..and
it's a big castle with some  cristals and doors..i have to solve a puzzle-120 100
.. 64 i can't squizz my brain to find out what nr sould i  insert...any clues? tnx

Here  is a little sneak peek of the lp :

yeah...i have to buy more potions..thank you and sorry for beeing so annoying ..i didn't find any walkthrough/lp anywhere >.< oh boy.. well i hope i can help other people with my lp :) have a great day... i love the graphics and the story is so amazing and can't wait to find out how it ends :) tnx

there are more endin gs? lol  i'm trying to beat  him-forget his name-the lover-..it may be the end of the game and it's so hard :( any tips? tnx

Too short but loved it

loved the game

really  sad story :(

what a great game but a sad story


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so great:)

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love it ;)

amazing gamecongrats!

lovely..even if i played it a long time ago:)

Hello:)   i made a little lp

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I     LOVE IT :)

Great  demo but it got me confused at one point :) here is a little lp

great game:)

really great game..a bit confusing at the end but can't wait for the full version

really  great game;)

the game was so cute:)

Loved the game ;) 

loved the game,but at the end....?kinda confusing

Wow..i knew that it was an twist ;)         great game !