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really cool game:)

aWW :( wanted more it  but i got stuck at some point ..had to replay it

A really great novel ..i got a warning from yt because of it's content even if i restricted over 18

so much funn :) 

really loved it:) he was kinda cute

Really cool and creepy :) the story continues..i did have commentary in this one..i played the other one too 

a good game

Such a great game:) love creepy houses

really loved it :) 

really great game:) i'm kinda sad cause i didn't get the story 

really enjoyed it:) 

really love it :)horror games are my favorite

A really great novel :) 

really loved it :) too bad i thig i got a bug at the end? 

scared the sh** out of me :)) love it,, too bad i uncounter some bugs :( 

really loved it :)  i wish it could have a bigger map and more story ? not bad actually

i really liked it :) i  thought it would be more horror 

really loved it :) 

Kinda late for the video :) but here it is 

Played it on Christmas:) perfect 

really great one:) i had some problems with the directions/keys

really good:) now i know why the art style character was kinda fammiliar (Purple)

i loved it:)

Really loved this:) 

i LOVE IT :) 

Not bad :) i really wanted more

hm..i think i missed one then  ,,with the warrior ( i danced ) then i show my warrior face... but there is another option - to run ..i missed that one 

damn.. and i played the game  last week.. well i have to reply it lol 

tnx for the answer..i get it now..

in the end the 4 adventurers  try to fight me but no matter what i choose i keep dying..

so i wake up again and again doing the same thing?

I coudn't finish it? even if i tryed all paths?  is that really the end ..i'll post a walkthrough soon

This was so good:) can't wait for the rest

this was great ,loved how the game interracted with me 

really cool horror game

aww i wish it could be longer..great music  

I love this :)  the graphics ,everything..i'm  a big fan of horror stuff ..and this  had a little bit of spirit in it :)) sorry for my accent 

I played the Well Speaks to me i had to try this one:) I expected to be more scary lol 


this was so great:) love it 

this was good :) but kinda short 

this was super good:) 

good think i don;t have a basement:)

I really loved it :) i'm obsessed with horror games