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good think i don;t have a basement:)

I really loved it :) i'm obsessed with horror games 

I'm  not a persone who scares easy but your gamer scared me 3 times lol ,10/10

haha//i kinda swear a lot in this little game..

I really loved this.. :) so sad cause its short 

Well i had to play it live :))  damn..i only got 1  ending and i kinda give up cause yt content..

really loved it:) sorry if my reading is awful...

this was really amazing ..:) 

well i love creppy stuff,,and this got my attencion:) really good

Neighbor community · Created a new topic cool video

i realy loved this game 

this was so great 

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well i did it:) it

well i think i found a bug.. i can't continuue the game after this..i even replay the game again 

omg! this looks so much to a game i played vertigo temple:)  i'm going to try it 

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i dont know why the game  started again at some point? but good one...i may had a buggy version 

btw how can i get the full version?  i kinda want to play it

I can't believe i played the first one and i almost missed this one 

well this was it 

really good one:0 

This was so cool:) too bad it was so short

really cool game loved the story 

kinda short but  creepy :) almost got me

this was such a great horro game:) i did a live stream

I really liked it 

really cool

wow.. i played the game and onestly it was really well made..

Pretty great game:) loved it 

tnx so much:)  just finished it super cute game ..i made a lp on my channel

well to my .......abarasment im stuck lol  the turtle needs my help and i dont know how to help her? i tryed to cross the log and that other thing that it moves..doenst help

oh!  i loved this so much:) good job 

pretty dark clever really was intersting:)

mă gîndeam eu:)  super joc.. îmi plac jocurile horror foarte mult si chiar mă bucur că mai sunt și persoane din țara care fac jocuri .baftă in continuare

Such a lovely game:) really scary  

are you from Romania? after the title

really cool game :) yet sad story 

such a sweet game:) merry christmas

Aww:( i wanted more! super cute game