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As a fan of Vlambeer i really like this game, highscore of 38 but i'm sure i'm going to keep playing. Really awesome... fangame? 

Really cool retro style

Wow, this game is really awesome, the puzzles are well made and enjoyable, the pixel art is cool and had many levels for a game made in a couple of days.

I liked the game but, when there was a large group of puffballs in a level (100 - 200) and i put the devil puffball so he can eat them, the number of puffballs didn't get lower. 

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Playing for a short time and got 535 points and still wanting to play more and more and more and more

Edit: Reached 1012 points and saw the special game over screen!

Amazing! I love retro style, 9 minutes of real fun.

Well, it's entertaining for some plays but i think this was made more for the message than the game, an the message is good.

339 deaths ;-;
At least i won. Excelent Game!

I like it very much, love the graphics O.O

It's really funny and hard, i just reached third day haha

"GLctx is undefined" help

This is fantastic, i love isometric strategy games.

It doesn't work, the screen gets black

Really cool,  the sprites remind me of broforce characters haha.

It was a fun time

No problem, i already do a review haha

This game is so great, i love it

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I reach lvl 97 in my third play, really good roguelite game with lots of charisma.