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That sounds fantastic and if I make any merchandise then I'll send something your way! Thanks for your quick response!

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Hey Vexed. I purchased a license to this tileset a few weeks ago and I just noticed that the license is "All Rights Reserved." Can I use it in a commercial game without giving you royalties? What about promotional content? Merchandise?

The tiles are awesome! What license are you publishing it wth?

Thanks for your response! I purchased your pack a few days ago and started integrating it into my game. It looks really awesome! Here's a gif if you want to check it out:

I'll probably tackle animating the water myself in a week or two.

Hello! These are beautiful tiles! Two quick questions: what size are the tiles and is the water (or anything else) animated?

Hey Henry Software. I just bought a license to this art pack and I love most of the monsters! I agree with Crystal3lf's point though - many of them do not include walk cycles. You pointed out the chicken in your response -- the "walk" cycle has the body of the chicken bob, but the feet don't move, they will look like they're gliding across the ground. This isn't an issue obviously for things that float, but the chickens, dogs and cats are easy examples of walk animations that don't actually walk.

Am I missing something?

These also look awesome! =) What's the license on these assets?

These look awesome! Two questions:

1) How are they licensed?

2) Where did the background tileset in your first two screenshots come from? Is that avaialble for purchase elsewhere?