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Really enjoyed this little adventure! It felt very atmospheric and eerie, and the platforming had some small challenges without ever getting too frustrating. Overall a well-balanced and fun little metroid

Loved this! It was really cute and definitely scratched that dungeon crawler itch I've been feeling recently. Speed was absolutely my favorite stat, dodging attacks was always so satisfying. Absolutely rad.

I love this game! I've been putting hours into it, and there's items and strategies for every kind of player. 

My only real complaint is how strong the fire geckos are; with their high health & curses, I'll end up in battles that last a really long time and burn through all my consumables, and even then I end up doing zero damage at the end with all the stacked weakness curses. 

It would be nice if there was a little guide as well, some of the effects and weapons have to be figured out through trial and error, which can lead to death pretty easily when the only way you can use weapons is in battle. Maybe if there was a training mode, where you could practice using your items against a dummy?

All complaints aside, this is a great game that I really enjoy.

I enjoyed the game a lot! The only thing I had trouble with was finding my way around since I couldn't really make out things in the distance.

I never actually found the cave that was mentioned. The markers helped a bit, but having them be closer together in some areas would be really helpful.

Had an absolute blast

absolutely delightful, that ending was fantastic!

Fixed it! If anyone else has this problem, you need to open the game using "system contents" then manually greenlight every individual downloaded asset within the game through system preferences. A bit tedious but the game is worth it.

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Was unable to open the game on my mac, unsure why.