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This game is wonderful. I cannot wait to have the full thing. Dirthead's design is super awesome and unique for the genre. Manages to hit the right nostalgia notes, but has its own thing going on. So good.

Insane that you have done this! Such a great idea. The Playdate needs more monster collectors!

Fantastic! Absolutely needed for a device like the Playdate. Happy to see a Tamagotchi like come out. I also got a bat which is perfect since we are heading into spooky season soon.

So excited for this! Love the artstyle!

As other comments have said, this is maybe the best game on Playdate so far. Its genuinely fun to check in every couple of hours and make progress. I really like the relaxing music too! 

I won't go into spoilers, but I do kinda wish the dialogue changed based on where your finances are at. I already had some pretty good cash flow at the point where I was texting someone about getting some financial help which made me feel weird/bad. That is nit-picky though. This is really great, and I am very excited for Poly's Roly Rumble if that is in the works still.

This game was too awesome. Genuinely felt like I just binged seven seasons of a very enjoyable show. Love your work!

Such a fun game. The concept and characters are so solid. Definitely something really cool here.

You can quickly jump off that middle piece of grass and make it across. It did trip me up too, though.

Absolutely fantastic! My most anticipated Sokpop game and it definitely lived up to it! You should feel very proud of this. There should be more bug games in the world.

Just wanted to note: I was looking for the last star and backtracked to the Frog and fought him again. This gave me another magic wand even though I had already given it up to the Fairy. So, in the last boss fight I already had the wand and was able to just skip it. Just a heads up!

Crystal Mites in Rivals when? Had so much fun playing this!

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All the monsters are great! 

So fantastic! I know this is very tongue-in-cheek, but it was legitimately a fun monster collector! :) Great creature design, especially Leafwerm!