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Honestly, pretty well done. I was lowkey excited to do all the embalming and stuff and was dissapointed when the spooks started. The scary elements were cool and the message on the board was offputting in the best way. I'd be happy to play the full game when you release it.

I will admit that I didn't expect too much of this game. But, you guys proved me wrong as I have been playing it for the last hour or so. I like the little bits of humor and mini games that come along with the choices you make within each category. I like how unexpected things happen, just like in real life. No two rounds are ever exactly the same. This is a very well thought out and smooth running game. I enjoyed playing it, although I do wish there was more.

More categories to go through and maybe more in depth choices on the existing categories. Also, I wish there was more for retirement. Surely most old people don't sit in a chair all day? 

Other than that I have no complaints. Kudos for an interesting and captivating game.