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A few things, it didn't follow the method of the movie, something I didn't know until after I played the game and watched the movie, however, it did get me a few times and had a really good atmosphere. Keep up the good work stefano! (Gameplay starts at 0:40)

This game was so much fun and was genuinely scary! I'm excited to see the full release and would totally be willing to toss 10 buck your way when it comes out. Good stuff AlexCraig! (Gameplay starts at 3:10)

for this game being made in 4 days, very well done! The scares werent bone chilling scares and the end I thought there would be more but the atmosphere was very well set up and I enjoyed(gameplay starts at 6:46)

this game was truly terrifying, the confined space of the castle made for an uncomfortable gameplay experience and there was never a time I felt safe. The scare could be scarier of course, thats my one critique but other than that, an awesome experience (Gameplay starts at 1:13)

Liked the game, I was hoping for more when it came to the reveal of the monster. If this is expanded upon later it would be an awesome experience (Gameplay starts at 12:26)

it’s deserved it 100%

I like it, It starts off with a mild sense of something wrong and then the switch in the middle was great, I'm keeping it vague because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't played yet but I really do recommend this game!(Gameplay starts at 5:16)

Really great Horror Experience, I looked at some of the other videos on here and I missed the jumpscare room on the far left, But if i didnt miss it, I would've shidded. (Gameplay starts at 1:21)

for sure bro! maybe Ill play it for a video, that would be a good time

I played this twice because I wanted a good ending, if there was one I never found it but I loved the humor and the quality despite It being pretty short. 9/10  (Gameplay starts at 0:51)

I've literally never been more scared in my life, I actually had to consult my therapist and my doctor for support during this experience, a must play for those veteran gamers out there 15/10 (gameplay starts at 6:18)

game was pretty fun, also pretty good for one of your first games. id say if you tried to make another one you could use the claustrophobic environment as a tool for scares, like stuff at the end of a hallway or stuck in a room with a shadow kinda deal (Gameplay starts at 3:38)

Probably by far one of the scariest experiences I've ever had while playing a horror game. The atmosphere, the Graphics, the topic matter, all of them had me at the edge of my seat. I actually had to change into a different pair of pants half way through recording because of embarrassing reasons. It's a must play for those horror fans out there (Gameplay starts at 8:06)

I liked the game and I liked the concept but I had a hard time with the actual mechanics of the game, it was hard to throw things and when trying to hide/ stay silent he would always lock onto me every time. even so it was an enjoyable experience and was a chilling environment. good time!

(Gameplay Starts at 3:07)

Honestly one of the better Psychological horror experiences I've played in a while, I really enjoyed this game and it had a really good atmosphere/build up 8/10

cant wait to buy this on steam, take my money

I Played this game a while ago and can say that it got me several times. The atmosphere could be better and the use so siren head was confusing but overall it provided a good scare and I enjoyed it! (gameplay at 0:29)

dude, like, whoa, like, I really loved this game. I feel like its more of an unsettling experience. I was uncomfortable with the characters several times and the final thing at the end got my heart racing. All in All a great game, keep up the good work. (gameplay starts at 9:56)

Im Glad XD

So I downloaded this game thinking it was the new animal crossing update, see for yourselves...

I had a really good time playing this, the atmosphere was good and the story was pretty solid. The jump scares got me more than I would like to admit but I still got through. Few bugs here and there and the compass doesn't work but it didn't ruin the experience so in my opinion it was good!

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I was sad how short the game was, I liked the game and the 3 endings were fun. hope to see more from you man! Gameplay starts at 6:25

No worries bro! I enjoyed it a lot and was being critical because that's just what i do. I thought the parody was fun and will play when the tug of war update comes out.

Was really fun, im really excited for the tug of war update, spamming whatever key you bind it to. Plays pretty well and isn't too glitchy. Music's a nice touch as well

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Yea this game was pretty good compared to some of the other squid game fan games, I liked the dance feature and the roll feature, felt like a speedrun. I just hope yall are able to optimize it, my pc was CHUGGIN

I actually really liked the game Idea, musics fun and its charming

oh 100%, id love to check it out

I gotta say, This game caught me completely off guard, the quality of detail and the experience itself was awesome and I was completely immersed the whole time. the gameplay is thrilling and really locks you into the scenario. I wasnt sure if there were multiple endings but if there was it would add an extra layer of intensity. 10/10

what a great horror experience, it leads with the hitman plot then slaps you in the face with horror.
The scares werent cheap, the story was good, and the atmosphere was very well built, the house made it feel almost clausterphobic giving the player another layer of discomfort, overall a really great horror game. (1:10 is when my gameplay starts)

Your game was awesome, The build up was great for when we actually encounter the monster, I could tell the intentions of the environment and the feel you were trying to get across, and it was just a really enjoyable experience. Cant wait to buy the full release! (Gameplay starts at 5:43)

So I played your game a while ago and just got to editing the video recently, Honestly for your first game it was good, the concept was fun, you compensated with a low resolution looking game to cover up the models not having details, I hope you excel man.

This game was really cool, I always enjoy a pixel style horror game and the game mechanic you had to use in certain parts was used very unique to this game. I would have loved to see more done with it but overall, scary and well made (gameplay starts at 0:52)

this game has a lot of potential, the assets look good and with it being a demo the atmosphere that it built wasnt bad. The only complaint i have is that the jump scares were kind of cheap. other than that it was great! (Game starts at 8:43)

It was super unique meaning ive never seen a horror game try this comic book style. I had a good time with the scenario and the scares kept me into the game. it was a really cool game and i had a lot of fun. I cant wait to see more stuff from you(gameplay starts at 18:40)

this Collection of games is so rad, I dont put them all in the video because then I'd just have an hour long video but i highly recommend this to anyone that has a pc to play this!

It was really funny, nice comedic sense, the game is all in all enjoyable other than the car part, we dont talk about the car part. Gameplay starts at 4:38

Short game but it was fun, the scares got me a few times but that's just because it was late when i played this and definitely not because im a wimp. Gameplay starts at 1:14

really dope game, I really enjoyed the atmosphere it set up and the actual concept itself.