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crimsontide gaming

A member registered 17 days ago

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hey very nice game i enjoyed the atmosphere it was tense i felt like something was always lurking and keeping me on my toes i would like to see maybe some more intense scares but this is still a really good game i enjoyed it a lot hope to see a finished project sometime n the future 

link to channel;https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BM1HMEyukjhA0Gj5msD3g?view_as=subscriber

hey great game it spooked the hell out of me many a time and i only managed to get to night 2 but im hoping to finish the game in my next part so heres a link to the vid hope you enjoy and why not drop a sub it goes a long way 

another fun and brillant game as always dave. keep up the good work man 

link to my channel if you wanna sub 


hey man another great game. as always i still cant beat them but i had a lot of fun i love the art style its a nice cute terror i had lots of fun and look forward to your next game 

if anyone would like drop and a sub and like it goes a long way :D 

my channel :Dhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BM1HMEyukjhA0Gj5msD3g?view_as=subscriber

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BM1HMEyukjhA0Gj5msD3g?view_as=subscriber here is a link my friend :D

hey it was an intresting game i would suggest maybe making the lightning a lot darker to add tension also i dunno if you had to same probably but the AI seemed very unresponsive but the game was still playable and i had fun so not a bad effort at all 

why not drop a sub and a like it goes a long way  :D

hey has some fun nice quick game if id have a critique it probably would be  there needs to be a little more sound like background or just hearing foot steps apart from that was a nice experience to play 

why not have a watch and drop a sub it goes a long way :D

played this and just want to say that i really enjoyed it i have high hopes for some future development on this game the atmosphere was brilliant it has a really nice feel to it and i love the art design with the characters this demo has only left me wanting more and i would love to hear sometime in the future  if anymore development has been made

I am small YouTuber so anyone who wants to sub it goes a long long way guys hope you enjoy the vid

hey this was a strange game to play to say the least nice scare wasn't expecting it would like to see this expanded in the future but not bad at  all not so much a fan of the vhs style personally though 

im a small YouTuber so a like subscribe even just watching the video goes a long way