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Oh don't worry I've been pushing it out a few furry VN Youtubers and streamers.  Some have already completed it to the most recent update.

I wanna see Varok's face when he finds out Caelan was the one who got the trade rights. But I'm also terrified of that, because it would mean Varok will be angry that Ranok didn't listen to him and Vithyr and leave Caelan in StrandBard. 

I had whiplash to was quickly Ranok was being thrown out of Ambister's Office.  I knew he was gonna be thrown out but not that fast and Caelan was gonna be the one to get the Trade rights.

If you watch Blaidd Llywd playthrough of Chapter 13 he did use it at the end credits

Loved it. Had the same complaint, he did say he'd release updates monthly but shorter, but life happens so we'll just have to wait whenever new update decide to come out.

As much as I love reading your VN and watching Drake play it on YT.  It can wait, Do what you have to and return when your ready.

No, as far as I know, Kael had to pay for the song to be adapted to far beyond the world, for someone to sing it and get the rights to have it in his game. If you're on the discord, you can find the song and download it if you want.

I'm sure we all knew that Caelan was gonna be the one to take over the whole conversation with the magistrate. It was very much enjoyable to read through that part. 

It didn't give take a minute of reading and the Magistrate was already telling Ranok to leave. Caelan to the save. 


Now I'm just hoping that what happens next if somehow Caelan is to be left in strandbard even though Ranok said he's bringing him back it isn't Ranok that causes it. 

It's on YouTube here. It's a little different as the one in the story was changed for it just a tad. 

Not necessarily, remember the first shop the visited, the one with the essential oils. It was a Lynxian.  They speak a different language entirely, but Ranok was able to understand some of the conversation thus they spoke Tigerii. 

This language hopping ability still has its secrets and understanding it begins with figuring out its criteria for choosing a language.

Unless that Lynx could only speak Tigerii why Caelans ability spoke Tigerii.

It would be nice. I loved the song, its way too catchy. The text lagged a little behind the song but good enough to follow most of it. 

I'm pretty sure you just have to click start and it brings you to the most recent build. It works for me.

I'm sure you can look it up for Youtube and easily find it. But just in case.

Far beyond the world OST - YouTube

I don't think there is an official one but people have put up a few songs.

Even the Dream a little dream of me is there. Far Beyond the World OST - Dream a Little Dream - YouTube

I'll take that as sarcasm. Its jus t that its so hot that the Air conditioners normally used for homes/apartments are not powerful enough to  make a big impact on the heat.  I'm sure it helps but to have an electric bill soaring through the sky wouldn't be ideal. 

(1 edit)

I estimate another month at least for Beta and 2 more weeks after that for public. Too much is happening in the UK right now.

Again its an estimation. Don't quote me.

(1 edit)

Sorry but the next build might take a while longer. The UK is experiencing its worst heatwave ever so Kael is limited to working on the VN at night when its cool enough; if its cool enough. 

If you don't believe me look up what's happening to the airport runways in the UK or something along those lines and you'll see how hot it is there. The heat from his PC would be crazy at that point.

Thank You Jaden.

It comes out tomorrow. I'm excited.

I just got the notification. And I just downloaded it. 

ok thank you for that info Spedumon. 

Could someone tell me if this game is patreon only or does it have public updates regularly.

Wait this update seemed very short. Was that suppose to be?

I really have no  idea how to fix it. So far every update it hasn't happen to me.

You just have to go on the Main Menu => Click Chapters => Click whichever chapter you want. 

You shouldn't have any glitches when playing through. I didn't have any. 

Hope this helps.

I was so thankful that Kael gave us peaceful ending the Part 2's ending just had me anxious for the last 2 months.

Kael recommends you use the Chapter select option when playing for now.  Others who saw this glitch mentioned that used a save file.

Dom is looking mad fine. Can't wait for his and Alex route.

Its definitely possible for a new love interest to show up, because right now Caelan's love for Ranok is out of necessity.  Maybe not next update but having a little more drama after Ranok's leaves should keep readers interested if nothing else happens. 

No they don't matter. Its a linear VN so it has one path. Choices may give you a small chance in how something goes in that moment. 

Spoilers if you haven't seen in Chapter 2 I think.

When the choice for you stabs you is presented, if you chose Vulgor is goes ahead and stabs you but if you chose Ranok, he hesitates and out of fear he penetrates the skin but no further and causes the MC pain, Vulgor gets angry at Ranok and takes over stabbing the MC anyways and the story continues like normal.

Hope this explains it.

No one said anything about giving Ranok a free pass,  even Ranok doesn't want one. 

I'm just making it known that both sides have flaws, the MC did seem to understand those flaws and if it took an outsiders opinion (aka the whore) to look at both sides and make their assessment of their overall situation and makes Caelan understand Ranok's POV .

Ranok has someone he treasures and has to make the decision to keep them safe. Yes it's a dick move, but the alternate result is too devastating for both of them to bear and he also knew that Caelan would be worst off if he stayed with him. His top priority is to his tribe and he has to complete his tasks otherwise its guaranteed for his kind to be wiped out. 

There are people who think their favorite characters are suppose to be flawless, when in reality that would make a character pretty much uninteresting. Who wants a story with a character whose perfect in everything. 

I'm just making it known a few qualities that I've noticed in Caelan that Ranok not only respects because  he has never met someone with such qualities, turns out he feel in love with those qualities, but Caelan isn't perfect,  he's selfish and only thinks of himself given that its pretty much justified given this whole situation of needing to stay close to the only person he knows he can trust. I mean who wouldn't, but since Caelan is looking for a relationship with Ranok he has to think about Ranok's perspective and his sacrifices. That's a pretty basic thing couples do. So he isn't ready for one and if a whore is what took him to realize that, so be it. 

Many people don't have someone to get advice from, so Caelan should count himself lucky.

Nope I'm pretty sure the "never" in "And do you honestly think he never intended to keep that promise" is deliberate.  Which later in the VN ranok says he always intended to keep that promise, but it isn't his top priority, not saying it isn't a priority just not the top one.

Look I'm not the most knowledgeable person but you're Definitely getting it wrong.

Just like in todays world you have to earn peoples respect. Respect doesn't apply to the person as a whole but in what area did they earn it.   Ranok respects Caelan in areas such as:

1. His kindness to other no matter the situation.

2. His ability to make peace between two parties.

3. Being non-judgmental about someone before getting to know them.

3. Hell, even taking the time to try and get to know a person.

And Ranok loves Caelan for those qualities.

But Caelan isn't perfect he thinks mostly if not entirely about himself and when something doesn't go his way he thinks he's being led on. Ranok gave Caelan pretty much everything he's asked for even if when it inconvenienced Ranok.

I wonder if this VN will continue. I'm not sure if its a one man/woman endeavor (someone please inform me if it is). Haven't heard a thing in a while.

Unfortunately, Kael has over a year worth of coding to go through and re-write + he still has to make the next build.  But I'm fine with this arrangement. As long as I get to read the latest build I'm good.

Well at least we found out that Ranok couldn't wake Caelan when the Ominous Whisper has him. 

Caelan got PTSD from Lavender. Wish I could smell some fresh lavender. 

I'm curious to see what Caelan's job is gonna be. I've been thinking it might be: Server at the Tavern, maybe a Noble see's him and hires him to be a Cleaner or take under their wing to learn some craft, a translator was my top before this build. He better not be a prostitute Kael_Tiger I swear, he better not be. 

How many times did they get into an argument in this Build anyways, I lost count.

There were so many new backgrounds, CG's and Sprites.

If I remember correctly there were 5 new backgrounds,  at least 1 new CG and 6 new characters and a new face for Ranok. Man no wonder it took almost 3 months. 

I don't think the Whispers goal is to kill Caelan, it's more like take over his body and mind and use it for there selves/itself.

The Other Mother did say something about a "her false light". Not sure if its the moon goddess, but it could be. 

And now we confirm that Caelan life is new and someone gave it to him. 

Now what talking that person so long to show up. Maybe their weak at the moment. 

Pretty sure its still in parts. 

Yeah I noticed that as well. For now I don't think its relevant for the story as yet. I believe we'll get to know the Whore's name in the next build, which might be by my estimation 2-3 months from now.

Sylf has been great so far and I guess she's the one who told the whore about Ranok's and Caelans compromising position. 

Its a good thing I was reading this build with earphones, otherwise those intimate sounds would have been heard throughout my home.